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The “VIA” goal together with the supply chain is “Gold Standard” training on Italian wine

New “Advisory Board” for Vinitaly International Academy includes Federvini, Unione Italiana Vini, Federdoc and Fivi
The “VIA” goal together with the supply chain is “Gold Standard” training on Italian wine

To make sure Italian wine keeps on growing, especially on emerging markets, and particularly on the Chinese market, it is crucial to train and spread cultural knowledge about the fascinating but complex Italian wine scene. This “mantra” has been repeated for quite a long time, and many important players in the sector have invested in this aspect. Now, however, the Italian supply chain is teaming up with Vinitaly, and the “Vinitaly International Academy” of Vinitaly International. And, following their announcement the arrival of Professor Attilio Scienza of the University of Milan at the head of the scientific committee, they created a new “Advisory Board”, which includes all the most important organizations representing the supply chain: Federvini, Unione Italiana Vini , Federdoc and Fivi-Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers.
They all share the same objective and have stated the same ambitions, i.e., to create a “Gold Standard” for training and educating about Italian wine around the world, increasingly involving not only wineries, but also professionals from around the world, consortiums and so on . The members of the “Advisory Board” will be the institutional guarantors of the project, and will contribute to improving connections between Italian wine and world trade professionals.
“We are very proud, and I am especially proud to have been invited here to be part of this committee. I believe that Vinitaly International Academy is doing exactly what is really necessary for Italian wine, like no other organization has done before”, commented the president of Fivi, Matilde Poggi.
“Vinitaly International Academy has done a great job on Italian wine education”, added Federvini CEO, Ottavio Cagiano, “and this new collaboration is interesting indeed and necessary to further improve in the future.
“We are always talking up Italian wine as one of the great masterpieces in the world, but it is also true that we need more and more passionate “ambassadors” and people who can better develop and interpret the knowledge of what we do - the passion of producers, the different landscapes and the different territories we represent. This is why the collaboration between Federdoc and Vinitaly Academy is what I consider one of the key points for the future of Italian wine”, said President Riccardo Ricci Curbastro.
“This is the first organized experience of high-level training about Italian wine”, said Giulio Somma, director of communication for Unione Italiana Vini, “an essential tool to promote the diversity of Italian wine and its production wealth. We wish to contribute as a system of wineries, thus starting a conversation that will certainly be very important for the entire wine sector”.
To date, 162 “experts” and “ambassadors” have been trained at the VIA, in 29 countries around the world, most of all in the US (47) and in Asia, counting 45 between China and Hong Kong.

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