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Three wines for three marine mammals. The Cantina San Giorgio and Jonian Dolphin Conservation Project

“Pontos” the Risso’s dolphin, “Idros” the sperm whale and “Toosa” the dolphin. One euro for each bottle of wine sold will be given to marine mammal research

Cantina San Giorgio, in Salento, part of the Tinazzi Group, counting more than 100 hectares of vineyards between Veneto and Apulia, together with Jonian Dolphin Conservation that has been carrying out significant initiatives in favor of the fauna that live in the Gulf of Taranto, have partnered to launch a line of wines specifically dedicated to three marine mammals. Proceeds of sales will be donated in part to research projects and to the protection of the marine ecosystem. One euro for each bottle of wine sold will be donated to the scientific association, to finance research projects and protecting the marine ecosystem.
The stars of the project presented in Ketós, the Euro-Mediterranean Center of the sea and cetaceans in Taranto, are; “Pontos”, the Risso’s dolphin recognized by the streaks on its body, has been paired with the wine Primitivo Salento PGI; “Idros”, the sperm whale with its large tail, paired with Chardonnay Puglia PGI; and “Toosa”, the most well-known dolphin, paired with Primitivo Rosato Salento PGI. Cantina San Giorgio has chosen a different stylized design for each bottle of wine dedicated to each species based on their distinctive signs, imagining marine animals swimming free in the azure, blue and turquoise sea.
“This initiative is part of the Tinazzi (R)Evolution, a project that we began in 2021”,- Francesca Tinazzi, the Tinazzi Group Business Control Manager, explained, “and unites all our corporate sustainability initiatives. Sustainability, for our group, means making commitments on several fronts: environmental, economic and social. We want to develop our group of wineries to be able to guarantee satisfying the needs of this generation, while not compromising the possibility of future generations to develop their own”.
The new logo of the Jonian Dolphin Conservation will be on this line of wines, and it is not just a simple, distinctive graphic sign for JDC, but a true environmental monitoring tool, which changes as the environmental conditions vary, based on parameters monitored by the buoys in the sea. as well as by the public perception of the "Researchers for a Day" guests on the JDC catamarans. Starting in June, the wines are on board the catamarans during the daily excursions. You can experience the unique emotion of tasting wine by spotting one of the sea mammals the winery has adopted. You can also support them on the Jonian Dolphin Conservation website.

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