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To WineNews, Gambero Rosso and Maria Canabal (Forum Parabere) the “Premio Casato Prime Donne” 2023

Journalist award to two of the major wine information portals and “La Prima Donna 2023” is among the “Most Influential Women in Gastronomy”

Recognized among the “Most Influential Women in Gastronomy” by the Foundation Woman’s Week, in 2015, and the author of cookbooks awarded by the “Gourmand Cookbooks Awards” as “Best in the World”, is Maria Canabal “La Prima Donna 2023” of the “Premio Casato Prime Donne” 2023, one of the personalities who have worked the most in favour of gender equality in food & wine, founder and organizer of the Forum Parabene which, since 2015, brings together 400 women from all over the world, cooks and scientists, engineers and farmers, anthropologists, wine producers and agronomists, and is non-profit. The organization is aimed at empowerment through three ingredients: information, teaching and role models, thus trying to create a network that increases the opportunities for the participants and raises their awareness. The Award jury, chaired by Donatella Cinelli Colombini and composed of Rosy Bindi, Anselma Dell’Olio, Anna Pesenti, Stefania Rossini, Anna Scafuri, Daniela Viglione, together with the Mayor of Montalcino Silvio Franceschelli, selected two of the major information portals on the wine as winners of journalistic awards for their contribution in the promotion of Montalcino and its wines: to Alessandro Regoli and Irene Chiari, founders of the WineNews portal for having disclosed, in a constant, timely, precise and complete way, news on the Italy of wine and food, and also of the Brunello di Montalcino area, the Award on the topic “Me and Montalcino”; and to Gianluca Atzeni and Loredana Sottile of the “TreBicchieri” portal, the economic weekly edition of Gambero Rosso for having disseminated, in an attentive and professional way, information and insights on the wine production of Montalcino, the Brunello Consortium Award on the theme “Brunello and the other wines of Montalcino”. The Award ceremony will take place on 16 September in Montalcino (Teatro degli Astrusi). The Award also includes a talent incubator, which in the current edition involves five young people and two classes from Montalcino High Schools and aims to empower their peers by enhancing their talent and encouraging them to believe in their abilities and the social value that comes from professional and human commitment.

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