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USA: wine is the beverage least loved by young people, who prefer beer and spirits

Gallup survey: the nectar of Bacchus remains the most consumed alcoholic beverage by over 55s, with high education and high income. And by women
USA: wine is the beverage least loved by young people, who prefer beer and spirits

According to many analyses and studies, the Millennials, the very young, will drive the growth of wine consumption in the world. Even in the USA, which is now the world's leading market for Bacchus' nectar (and for Italy's wine), awaiting the overtaking of China, expected in a few years. Yet, looking at Gallup's latest survey on the "alcoholic" preferences of Americans, some doubts arise. Because young Americans prefer beer to wine over spirits.
A general trend in which beer remains the favorite drink of American drinkers (it is the first choice for 38%), and liqueurs (29%) undermine wine in second place (30%). A much wider gap if we look at the age groups: between 18 and 34 years old, beer is the most often drunk alcoholic beverage (41%), slightly ahead of liqueurs (39%), while wine is the first choice for only 16% of very young people.
And the podium remains the same even between 35 and 54 years of age: top beer with 41% of preferences, then liqueurs with 32%, and wine to follow with 24%.
The ripest people still prefer Bacchus' nectar to other drinks in the USA: among the over-55s it is the favorite drink for 44% of consumers, even more than beer (34%) and liqueurs (20%).
Another notable difference, in preferences, is that of gender: wine is the drink most often consumed by only 15% of men, who toast much more often with beer (55%) and with liqueurs (26%), while for women the most popular is the fruit of the vine with 45%, ahead of liqueurs (32%) and beer (21%).
Still, it emerges that wine, in the United States, is the favorite drink of people with a higher education (48% for those who have obtained post-graduate degrees), and of those with a higher income (35% for those who have an annual income of more than 100,000 dollars).

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