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Vinexpo “revolution”: in Paris (with WineParis), in Bordeaux (perhaps) with the “En primeur”

At WineNews the future strategy of the French wine fair, presented by the CEO of Vinexpo Rodolphe Lameyse. The aim: “become the world’s leaders”

Vinexpo is re-launching the great wine events on the chessboard: the historic fair in Bordeaux is strongly focused on the novelty of the Paris edition, which will debut in 2020, but will not be in January, as initially announced, but in February, and will be an annual event, in synergy with Wine Paris (which debuted in 2019, signed ViniSud and VinoVision, ed.). Vinexpo Bordeaux, until now biennial, could also become an annual event, provided that the Union des Grand Crus de Bordeaux, which brings together all the most important Bordeaux Chateaux, accepts the proposal of the fair, to stage simultaneously and in synergy the same Vinexpo Bordeaux and the Semaine des Enprimeurs (one of the most prestigious and popular events of the wine business, between late March and early April), starting from 2021. It is the “all-in”, to use a poker term, told by Rodolphe Lameyse, the new CEO of Vinexpo, in a video interview with WineNews (soon online).
“When I became CEO of Vinexpo, I stated that our goal should be to become world leaders in the field of wine fairs and spirits, both by offering our exhibitors our entire platform of events between the USA (New York), Asia (Hong Kong and Shanghai) and Europe, and by focusing on the presence of business at the fair. And we’ve made strong decisions. The first - explains Lameyse - was to join Wine Paris and to create collaboration between the two fairs. I believe that there are great opportunities, we have different reference targets, and we will both benefit in working together, expanding the audience of both exhibitors and foreign buyers. Therefore, Vinexpo Paris will no longer be in January, but will be staged between 10 and 12 February 2020. It will be an annual event. The second decision - underlines the CEO of Vinexpo - is to completely revise the business model of Vinexpo Bordeaux, which is an event that has great expectations, and is based on the success of the business. However, times change and competition increases. Our events are based on the quality of business attendance and intelligence at the fair, both of which are very strong, as confirmed by the great success of the climate symposium in recent days. We want to continue on this issue, but also in more detail on e-commerce, as there were 400 people in the room during the seminar dedicated to this topic. Or with the many tastings, such as those organized by Gambero Rosso on Italian wines, for example. We added elements such as the Grand Degustation, which gave producers the opportunity to show their products to visitors to Bordeaux, to final consumers, and not only to the trade and professionals at the fair. Vinexpo Bordeaux 2021 we would like to visit it even more. On the dates, and I also proposed to the Union des Grand Crus to do Vinexpo together with the Semaine de Primeurs, which is an important moment for Bordeaux. And if this were to happen, Vinexpo Bordeaux could also become annual, rather than biennial. We want to continue with the symposium, and dedicate the fair also to wine tourism. This is the new business model I have in mind, and I think it’s time for us all to work together in Bordeaux to create this new strategy”.
A strategy that also passes from abroad. “In the world today we have 5 shows, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bordeaux and Paris, and even here we have to make decisions. For example, I believe that in Shanghai, with the rapid evolution of China, it is no longer enough to be there every two years, but I also understand the exhibitors who say that there are many events. We want to act differently from our competitors, have a virtuous dialogue with our exhibitors, be flexible and adapt to their expectations, and this is the way to become the world leader in wine & spirits fairs”.

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