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Wine, a family business. In Usa the alliance between Allegrini and Trinchero Family Estate

Focus on Brunello di Montalcino di San Polo. Marilisa Allegrini: “working with family-run businesses is strategic for sharing values”

In world markets, especially in stormy times like these, it is essential to have partners with whom to share visions and values. This often happens between family businesses, even excluding size. And so, in a strategic market for Italian wine like the USA, a new alliance is born between Allegrini, one of the most important families of the Italian wine country, and Trinchero, a family of Piedmontese origin at the head of the Trinchero Family Estate, the second largest “family” reality of wine in America and the world, after Gallo.

An alliance, that between Allegrini and Trinchero, which will focus on San Polo, the Brunello di Montalcino brand of the Allegrini group. And so, the Allegrini family, now on the United States market, works together with the two largest “family business of wine” overseas, that of Trinchero, and that of Gallo, which has under its wing (with the Lux Wines division) the Valpolicella wines of the mother company Allegrini, and those of Bolgheri, with Poggio al Tesoro. Different sizes, on the world's horizon, with Gallo and Trinchero being giants, compared to Allegrini, but with similar values, as Marilisa Allegrini explains to WineNews, on the day of the official ceremony, online, for her nomination as Cavaliere del Lavoro of the Italian Republic: “working with family-run companies is fundamental for us, because no matter how large and structured they are, they are much quicker and clearer in making decisions and making choices, but above all there is a sharing of values, and a deeper knowledge of each other’s needs, since they are also wine producers as well as distributors. Before closing the partnership with San Polo (which is the first Italian wine company that will be imported and distributed by Trinchero, beyond the Prosecco Avissi brand, ed) we did a due diligence on all the processes of vineyard, cellar, logistics and so on, which testifies the great seriousness of the Trinchero family and of an operation that concerns San Polo, a company of which I am really proud”.

“The alliance between the Allegrini and Trinchero families comes at a time when both companies are evolving and growing with the new generations, and Trinchero in particular is working to expand its business in the luxury sector. The wines of San Polo - underlines the American family - are an important addition to the Heritage Collection, the division dedicated to the great wines of Trinchero Family Estate, which is supervised by the third generation of the family, represented by Carlo Trinchero, while San Polo is headed by sisters Caterina and Carlotta Allegrini, seventh generation of the Allegrini family”. Because great wine is a “family business”.

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