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Wine and business, more than half the wine markets in the world are concentrated in 10 countries

The 2018 data of the portal Statista.com: USA (32 billion dollars) and China (24) at the top, then France (14), Australia (10) and Italy (9)
Wine and business, more than half the wine markets in the world, in 10 countries

If it is true that the wine business is expanding its borders every year and is growing, so much that in 2022, according to Iwsr data values will reach 207 billion US dollars, it is also true that the bulk of turnover is still concentrated on a few markets. Starting from the United States, where the wine market is worth 32 billion dollars, and China, where bottles and glasses have turned 24 billion dollars, as showed by the numbers for 2018 lined up by the portal Statista.Com, according to which the third step of the podium is France, with a value of 14.4 billion dollars related to the wine business. Fifth place for Italy, with 9.7 billion dollars, which is also behind Australia, a country in which the wine market moves 10.3 billion dollars. Behind the Belpaese, then, there is the United Kingdom, with 9.1 billion dollars, ahead of Germany, with 7.9 billion dollars, like Argentina, and again, to complete the “top 10”, Canada, with 5.6 billion dollars of the wine market, and Japan, at 3.7. With the top 10 countries on the list, therefore, considered as good data from International Wine & Spirit Research, alone account for half of the entire wine market worldwide. Then, among the most important markets, according to Statista, there is Brazil, with 3.6 billion dollars, Spain, with 3.4, since it is surprising since it is the third largest producer in the world, followed, once again a little surprising, by India, whose wine market is worth 2.7 billion dollars. Much more than Portugal, with 1.8 billion dollars, the Netherlands with 1.6 billion, Switzerland, with 1.5 billion dollars, Belgium with 1.4 billion, Sweden, which with 1.3 billion dollars, closes the small club of “billionaire countries” in terms of the value of the wine market. The overall picture, therefore, that if on the one hand confirms the need and the opportunity, for the producers of the world, to invest for a long time in the growth of many other small markets where the wine business is still small but with good potential of growth, on the other hand reaffirms what are the positions of strength on the wine business, with large markets, perhaps more saturated and with greater competition than others, which remain, however, essential for the life of the cellars of Italy and the world.

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