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Wine & art, not just inspiration, for artists, wineries are the new exhibition spaces

A union that is renewed at Farina Wines, historic producer in Valpolicella, which, in its “Art Ferment” project, is hosting Roberto Bigano’s exhibitio

That between wine and art is no longer just a bond due to mutual inspiration. The relationship between two of the oldest human passions, has gone far beyond that, so much so that if, today, more and more producers rely on art to tell the cultural values behind the birth of their wines - as we punctually report on WineNews - for contemporary art, wineries have become new exhibition spaces, going so far as to host solo exhibitions of the most famous artists, also interested in the public of wine-lovers. A union that is renewed, in Farina Wines, among the most historic wineries in Valpolicella Classica, with 100 years of winemaking tradition, which, in the “Art Ferment” project, born in 2023, with the intention of offering an experience of discovery of its world, in which art, wine culture and territory dialogue, creating a narrative in which innovation, sustainability and experimentation take on new forms, in collaboration with ArteRicambi Gallery in Verona, is hosting a five-shot photographic exhibition by Roberto Bigano (from now until September), an eclectic artist of international prominence who ranges from still life to the reproduction of works of art in order to “build” a representation that comes as close as possible to the ideal of universal beauty that is united with the art of making wine, starting with Amarone.
Through “Art Ferment”, Farina Wines draws on modern and vibrant expressions of contemporary art to bring the winery’s environments to life for enthusiasts and the curious: visitors are greeted as they enter the 16th-century courtyard of Farina’s “home” by the important sculpture “Lead Books” dedicated to the Jewish poet Paul Celan, created by one of the most important contemporary artists, Anselm Kiefer, celebrated just this year by the docufilm “Anselm” by the great director Wim Wenders and by the exhibition-event “Fallen Angels” in Palazzo Strozzi in Florence (until July 21).
Farina Wines, led by the fourth generation of the family represented by cousins Elena and Claudio Farina, has undertaken substantial investments over the past 20 years, including a major architectural project that has redesigned the estate’s historic spaces and created new environments. Steel, wood, concrete and ceramics are the materials used today for the refinement of the winery’s wines, offering remarkable insights into current oenological issues, particularly in the scenario of Valpolicella wine production, and in which contemporary artworks find a perfect collation.

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