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Wine shops, down 50-80%. Vinarius writes to the Minister of Economic Development

Letter to Patuanelli: “not to ask for massive economic aid, but to participate in the tables for the relaunch” explains President Andrea Terraneo
Wine bars, down 50-80%. Vinarius writes to the Minister of Economic Development

The coronavirus crisis, as expected and predictable, beats hard on everyone, even on the wine shops of Italy. According to a recent survey by Vinarius, the association of wine shops in the Belpaese, extended also to non-associated realities, the overall picture that emerges is that of a drop in turnover between 50% and 80% since the beginning of emergencies. This is said by the sample of 105 bars throughout Italy, surveyed by the organization led by Andrea Terraneo, who also tells how the wine shops are facing this very difficult period. 22% of the wine shops, explains the survey, have decided to remain closed, and 25% to remain closed but to make home deliveries. “The remaining 53% who finally decided to stay open and make home deliveries, shows how wine shops have become, at this time of uncertainty, points of reference for the territory for the supply of necessities such as water, pasta, and other food. We as Vinarius - explains Terraneo - immediately advised the members who were allowed to do so by decree, to remain open to provide a service to the community as points of availability of food, thus helping to avoid excessive inflows and gatherings in the commercial points of the Gdo”, says President Vinarius, Andrea Terraneo. The organization has set itself as a point of reference for members since the beginning of the crisis, also advising wine shops to activate and encourage home delivery services and, through a mapping of member companies, has prepared a list of open wine shops that can be downloaded from the association’s website. “I must sincerely thank the many members who have followed these indications and worked for these services to the public” concludes President Terraneo. But despite the efforts, as is logical, the picture, even for wine shops, which as we have written several times, as well as being places of sale and consumption of wine and quality food and wine products, are also, and increasingly, protection of wine culture in the territories. “Taking note of this serious difficulty that the sector is experiencing together with many others, at the beginning of April, Vinarius decided to sign a letter addressed to the Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli not so much to ask for massive economic aid - underlines Vinarius - but to ask for an invitation to participate in the consultation tables that the Ministry will set up to restart the economic activities of the country. By providing new ideas, new energy, new motivations, and skills - the letter says - the organization proposes itself as an interlocutor to make an active contribution of ideas for the reconstruction of the national economy”.

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