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Wine & Finance: Velenosi issues a 3 million euro bond, Moncaro a new Swedish partner

Anthilia underwrote the brand’s loan, capital increase for Le Marche cooperative partnering with Winemarket Nordic at 18%
Wine & Finance: Velenosi issues a 3 million euro bond, Moncaro a new Swedish partner

Wine and financial tools are meeting more and more often, Le Marche is one of the Italian regions experiencing a sort of new “golden age”, while the latest news, just a few hours old, concerns two of the most prestigious companies in the Le Marche region. The Velenosi brand, headed by wine producer Angela Velenosi, has just issued a 3 million euro mini bond that Anthilia funds has underwritten, and the Moncaro cooperative, one of the largest wineries in Le Marche, has succeeded in increasing its capital by accepting the Swedish company Winemarket Nordic AB as a financial partner, which has subscribed for a quota of 18%. These two cases once again describe how Italian wine companies, in order to grow, especially on the international level, have been making more and more use of private capital and high-level partnerships.
In the first case, explained a note from the company, Anthilia Capital Partners signed the mini bond that will finance the increase in production capacity and investments for the development of Velenosi’s long-term products (over 200 hectares among properties and production between Le Marche and Abruzzi, revenues increased in 2017 equal to 8 million euros at an export quota that exceeds 60% of turnover), which issued a product that will expire on December 31, 2023, yielding 5.65%.
“This operation”, commented Angela Velenosi, “demonstrates that when commitment, skills and passion meet, we can achieve ambitious goals. Velenosi is an example of success because it talks about wine in an emerging territory, and because it represents the tradition of Italian entrepreneurship that has evolved over time. This operation will allow us to continue developing serenely”, she explained to WineNews, “and it is a reason for great satisfaction because we started from scratch, from the land, in denominations that at the time were certainly not those of today, investing always in quality, and further, it is a confirmation that we are going down the right path”.
The Moncaro case is completely different (23 million euros in turnover for 2016-2017, 53% from exports, for a company counting 1.000 members and a total of 1.600 hectares), as it opened its capital to Winemarket Nordic, founded in 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden, and already a customer of Moncaro. Nordic is one of the largest distributors of wine products in the Scandinavian countries, an integral part of the Viva Wine & Spirits Group, (the leading Scandinavian private distribution player, 300 million euros turnover in 2017) which operates in the "Systembolaget" system (public government company for the monopoly of selling alcohol over 3.5 degrees), as well as in the Ho.Re.Ca. channel and has a leading role in the distribution of wine in the UK, the USA, China and Germany.

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