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Wine is social: Prosecco is king, followed by Chianti, Barolo, Brunello and Amarone

The Observatory has calculated the total likes on the Italian PDO and PGI web from November 2017 to November 2018 on social media all over the world
The Qualivita and Ismea ranking of the most mentioned Italian PDO and PGI wines

When you do not know what present to give at Christmas, the choice often falls on food and wine gifts. They are “useful” products and your money is well spent, and of course, you are also giving a hand to the producers. What is quite evident is that navigating in a world, especially the wine world, which is packed with different and equally valid offers, can be difficult. There are many criteria and a lot of information to follow in choosing a bottle of good wine, while wine on social networks is usually not considered that much. Yes, even the wine world has been infected by the social spirit that the foodies have been totally conquered by, so to find out which Italian PDO and TGI wines are the most appealing and liked on the web, the Qualivita Foundation in collaboration with ISMEA investigated social networks from November 2017 to November 2018. Their results are Prosecco is actually crowned king on social networks, totaling 233.253 likes, most of which (37%) were on Instagram. And, those who liked it more often than the others were the Americans (36%), followed by the Italians (23%) and the British (19%). The silver medal goes to the Chianti area, liked on social networks 117.459 times, 47% of which by Italians, then Americans (32%) and British (2%), most of the time on Instagram (41%). Barolo takes third place for a total of 93.541, 50% on Instagram, and liked most of all by Italians (44%), followed by the Overseas wine lovers (30%) and the English (2%).
In position number four, there is Brunello di Montalcino, at 90.171 total likes, (50% on Instagram) and 46% from Italians, Amarone della Valpolicella (54.655 likes, 41% on Instagram and 47% from Italians). Nebbiolo d’Alba (54.064 likes, 51% on Instagram and 42% from Italians), Marsala (45.629 likes and, look at this: 28% on Twitter from US super fans), Franciacorta, 45.413 likes, again mainly on Instagram (51%) and 67% of the time from Italians, Valpolicella (43.292 likes, 42% on Instagram and 55% from Italians once more), Asti (liked 40.532 times, 34% of the time by news sites, and 54% by Americans), Etna (38.395 likes, 35% on Instagram and 52% of the time from Italians), Barbaresco (on social medias 30.808 times, 48% on Instagram and 43% from Italians) and Lambrusco (29.863 total likes, 36% on Instagram and 42% from Italian fans). The biggest exclusions from the Top 10 are Chianti Classico, with “only” 26.547 total likes, and Oltrepò Pavese, with 20.932 likes.
In any case, the PDOs and PGIs of Italian wine totaled more than 1.24 million likes on the web in one year, of which 38% were on Instagram (effectively crowning it the most influential social network), 21% on Twitter, 18% on news sites and 17% on blogs.

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