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Wine now also matures in granite: from Cantina Valle Isarco in South Tyrol, here is “Granit 960”

A pure Kerner resting in a 960-liter “barrel” made from a single block of 20-ton Valle Isarco rock

Wood, concrete, steel, terracotta, stoneware, ceramic and now granite. Research and experimentation in wine aging continues, and now Valle Isarco, one of South Tyrol’s most virtuous wineries, presents Granit 960, the 100% Kerner that ages in granite. The new label, which will debut on the market in July 2024, sees the wine aged in a unique container, a 960-liter “barrel” made from a single block of Valle Isarco granite weighing more than 20 tons: a veritable sculpture created exclusively for the winery, symbolizing the quintessence of the terroir in which it is born.
“Granit 960”, explains Valle Isarco’s managing director Armin Gratl, “presents an innovative vision for viticulture and embodies the symbiosis of tradition and innovation, with the aim of highlighting the uniqueness of our production area. The exclusivity of this project is reflected in every aspect, from the idea to the implementation to the final product. It is not only an ode to the mineral diversity of our region, but also offers an unparalleled taste experience”.

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