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Wine tourists say Italy is the best destination on the Wine Travel Index at lastminute.com

Italy tops the list of wine companies to visit and wine experiences in cellars. Flying to wine territories (from London) costs 73.17 euros
Italy, top destination for wine lovers all over the world

More often than not the most jarring and upsetting question is where shall we go on vacation? The answer, however, is not always either to the seaside or Art cities, as there is also a third option that is becoming more and more popular, the mountains. Plus, there is even another option for many people, which appeals to the palate. Food and wine have for some years now, “weighed” more than art and natural beauty, especially among wine lovers that from every corner of the world, choose Italy for their holidays. And rightfully so, since the index dedicated to wine travelers developed by the travel site lastminute.com “Wine Travel Index”, reveals that Italy is the best destination, from all points of view. First of all, in the number of production Regions (all of them, ed.), the percentage of wineries open to the public (33%), the number of wine tasting experiences (993 throughout Italy), and wines and wineries awarded (19.160). The average price for one person to fly to the Italian wine territories (starting from London, ed.) is 73.17 euros, while the average cost of a night in a hotel is 153.70 euros and the price of a meal is 16 euros. In second place on the “Wine Travel Index” is France, which, apart from its prestige, has a lot fewer wine regions, as well as a lower percentage of wineries open to the public (31%), and fewer wine tasting experiences (406), but it does have a larger number of awards (28. 872). In terms of costs, the price of an average flight is slightly lower than that for Italy (64.51 euros), while the price of an overnight stay is definitely higher (194.30 euros), and a meal, quite surprisingly, at least according to last minute.com, costs less (15.35 euros). In third position is Spain, which has many emerging wine regions, all over the national territory, reachable by very cheap flights on the average (59.79 euros). The percentage of wineries open to the public is lower (29%), the proposal of wine tasting experiences (291) is also limited, and the number of wineries and labels awarded is lower, too (13.518). However, a strong point is the average price for a meal, which is just 9.58 euros, while an overnight stay is even more expensive than Italy and France: 206.48 euros per night per room.

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