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WineNews is number 1 in Italy, and number 18 in the world on the FeedSpot wine sites and blogs ranking

The ranking of the largest online database on blogs and podcasts In the world. Intravino is at number 12 in the Top 100. Wine Spectator number 1, VinePair second and Suckling number 3
WineNews number 1 wine information site in Italy, according to FeedSpot

WineNews was rated number 1 in Italy, and number 18 in the world, according to the analysis portal FeedSpot, the largest online database on blogs and podcasts. FeedSpot examined thousands of blogs and websites that talk about wine according to traffic, followers on social channels, authority and originality, and thereby ranked the “40 Best Italian Wine Blogs & Websites”. FeedSpot has defined our portal, “the reference point for information about the wine world: interviews, videos, reviews, reports, insights and always the latest news”. WineNews jumped from second place in 2022 to the absolute top of the ranking, “dethroning” the Italian section of “Wine Spectator”, the most influential US magazine dedicated to wine, which was at the top of the ranking in 2022.
In the ranking dedicated to Italy, Francesco Saverio Russo’s “Wine Blog Roll” is in second place, and Alfonso Acevola’s historic blog dedicated to Italian wine, “On the Wine Trail in Italy” is third. Other portals on the ranking include "Vino Travels Italy”, “Wine Mag”, the Italian section of “Wine Spectator”, Giampiero Nadali's historic “Aristide“, “Oscarwine”, and two blogs that come from e-commerce, “Wineshop.it” and “Xtrawine”.
The ranking of the “100 Best Wine Blogs” in the world, instead, analyzes all types of blogs, from all over the world, focusing on any topic. WineNews, is, the same as in 2022, one of the very few Italian entries on the ranking, holding position number 18 (it was number 24 in 2022), preceded by the “collective blog”, Intravino, at number 12 (it was number 14 in 2022), together with (non-Italian) blogs that focus, however, on Italy, such as “Vino Travels Italy” at number 52 and the Barolista (number 73).
The International list is comprised of leading companies (all Anglophone, of course), the calibre of “Wine Spectator”, the very popular American portal, “VinePair”, and JamesSuckling.com, the reference site of one of the most prominent wine critics in the world, in the first three positions. Following, in the “Top 10”, are portals such as “Winebusiness.com”, the famous UK magazine site, “Decanter”, as well as “Wine Industry Advisor”, “Wine & Spirits Daily”, “Tiny Vineyards”, “Reverse Wine Snob” and Oregonlive.com.

Focus – “Top 100 Best Wine Blogs” (top 20 positions)

1. Wine Spectator
2. VinePair Blog
3. JamesSuckling.com
4. WineBusiness.com
5. Decanter
6. Wine Industry Advisor
7. Wine & Spirits Daily
8. Tiny Vineyards
9. The Reverse Wine Snob
10. Oregonlive.com
11. Glass Of Bubbly
12. Intravino
13. Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog
14. 1 Wine Dude
15. Natalie MacLean Blog
16. The Drunken Cyclist
17. Matthew Jukes Wine Blog
18. Wine News - The Pocket Wine Web Site in Italy
19. Liz Palmer
20. Tim Atkin - Master of Wine

Focus - The “Top 10” Best Italian Wine Blogs & Websites

1. WineNews
2. Wine Blog Roll
3. On the Wine Trail in Italy
4. Vino Travels Italy
5. Wine Mag
6. Wine Spectator Italy
7. Aristide
8. Oscarwine
9. Wineshop.it Blog
10. XtraWine Blog

Focus - WineNews: the numbers
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