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Women and young people are running the 7.278 wine shops in Italy, at 280 million euros in turnover

This is the identikit the Milan, Monza, Brianza, Lodi Chamber of Commerce has drawn. Most shops in Rome, Naples and Milan, but the boom is in Bologna
There are more than 7.000 wine bars in Italy, + 14% from 2010-2018

The passion for wine has caused a real boom of wine shops in and around Bologna, which have more than doubled in less than ten years (+147.9% in 8 years, from 48 to 119). The European Culture Capital for 2019 has also seen an exponential growth of places where you can taste good wines, and in the same period, in the Province of Matera they jumped from 28 to 50 (+ 109.1%). Mantova has had the biggest surge of wine shops (+ 78.6%, from 28 to 50), then Prato (+76.5%, 17 to 30) and Trieste (+ 70.6%, 17 to 29). This is the identikit of Italian wine shops the Milan, Monza, Brianza, Lodi Chamber of Commerce and the Italian farmers, Coldiretti of Lombardy prepared from data of the Business Register and Aida – Bureau van Dijk. There are a total of 7.278 wine shops in Italy, which grew + 14% in the period 2010-2018 (+ 8.7% in the last 5 years alone, and stable over the last year). This sector employs over 7.800 people, for a turnover of over 280 million euros a year.
Regarding the concentration of wine bars in single cities, the top 10 cities in Italy, by number of active businesses, are Rome in first place at 340 wine bars, Naples (231), Milan (134), Turin (115), Florence (89), Genoa (85), Venice (68), Palermo (60), Bologna (59) and Bari (55). Regarding businesses in the Provinces, Naples (547, + 7% in 8 years), Rome (486, + 24%) and Milan (256, + 43%), followed by Turin (229, +27.9%) and Bari (196, + 12%).
On the management side, women lead 26.7% of Italian wine shops and young people 11.8%. Considering locations of businesses (that may have more than one location) and territories that have more than 50 businesses in the sector, there are more women in Taranto (47.5% of the 59 companies), Caserta (40.6% out of 106), Pisa (37% of the 54), Como (35.3% of the 51) and Catania (33.8% of the 68 companies). There are more young people in Taranto (25.4% of the 59 business locations), Catania (22.1% out of 68 companies), Caserta (17% out of 106 companies), Lecce and Bari (16% of the 73 and 141 companies). Lastly, there are more foreigners in Florence (10.4%) and Rome (9.1%).

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