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Blue wine: fashion, doubts and jokes

The blue wine that has conquered consumers does not convince experts

Vindigo, the blue wine that has conquered consumers does not convince experts. The producer, René Le Bail, a Frenchman who has chosen to conduct his business in Spain, has guaranteed the blue wine is all natural. It is none other than Chardonnay which, thanks to the anthocyanin pigment of the red berry peelings on which it rests, turns blue. This explanation has not convinced the scientific community, skeptical about the explanation of the producer, and they remind us that a practice such as adding red grapes to a white wine is also prohibited in the production of rosés. In short, more than a fashion, it looks like a joke. There is a precedent, as in 2015 another blue wine appeared on the Spanish shelves, Gik. But, the use of additional colors was discovered, and it became a “wine-based alcoholic beverage” ...

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