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Bolgheri DOC towards the mandatory introduction of “Toscana” on the label

Published in the Official Gazette the request of modification of the specification, together with the change of the ampelographic base for white wines
The territory of Doc Bolgheri, with the iconic Avenue of Cypresses among the vineyards

A top brand of Italian wine, Bolgheri, joins on the label one of the strongest brands of made in Italy, Tuscany. If by September 18 there will be no objections, the green light will be given to the modification of the disciplinary that will sanction the obligation for the producers of DOC Bolgheri to include the word “Toscana” in the label, as stated in the proposed amendment published in the Official Gazette of August 18. “It is a modification approved by the assembly - explains Riccardo Binda, director of the Consortium, led by Albiera Antinori (Guado al Tasso), Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta (Tenuta San Guido - Sassicaia) and Cinzia Merli (Le Macchiole) - and we are waiting for the final green light after 30 days from the publication of the request as required by law”.
But there should not be any surprise. Bolgheri, therefore, among the Tuscan appellations having wines of higher value and fame, is the first one to follow this path, first opened by Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, which has compulsorily included Toscana in the label in order to distinguish itself from Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, and then beaten also by Consorzio del Morellino di Scansano, but in an optional way.
“We have chosen the compulsory way, as agreed with the other denominations at the Avito meeting (the organization that brings together all the Tuscan wine denominations). Obligation - specifies Binda - that is valid for the back label, then it will be up to the producers to decide whether or not to put Tuscany on the front label as well. In any case, if it is true that Bolgheri is a leading brand of wine, Tuscany is one of the strongest universal brands of Made in Italy, and since we are an important territory, but very small, having “Toscana” on the label will help us to be known even more, especially in new markets, where the culture of wine is not yet developed. It will help us to tell our story and to contextualize Bolgheri DOC within Tuscany, which especially abroad is easier to locate geographically”.
An important modification to Bolgheri’s disciplinary, as well as the modification of the ampelographic base of Bolgheri’s white wines, about which there is a growing interest. When the modification will be effective, wines produced with Vermentino, Sauvignon and Viognier (and no more Trebbiano Toscano) will be the ones entitled to the white version of Bolgheri DOC, without any percentage limitation, pure or blended (other white berried grapes authorized by Tuscany Region will also be allowed to be blended, up to a maximum of 40%), in full compliance with the libertarian philosophy which has always governed Bolgheri DOC, one of the most prestigious in the world thanks to its great red wines.

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