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CMO Promotion, allocated 17.9 million euros of co-financing on the national quota

The provisional ranking for the 2023/2024 campaign: at the top Nosio Spa (Mezzacorona), Santa Margherita and Torresella, and Zonin
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17.9 million euros of co-financing with European funds, which will activate promotion projects in third countries for an amount of around 40 million: these are the funds allocated by the provisional ranking of projects eligible for funding for the national share (worth more or less 30% of the budget) of the Wine Promotion CMO 2023/2024, published in recent days on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture. At the top is Nosio Spa, the commercial arm of the Trentino Mezzacorona cooperative, with 2.59 million euros in funding, out of a 6.1 million euro project, then the Santa Margherita Group, with Kettmeir and Cantine Torresella, with a contribution of 2.49 million euros out of a 5.9 million euro promotion project, and then come the 2.3 million euros out of a 5.6 million euro project by Casa Vinicola Zonin, followed by Gruppo Italiano Vini - Giv, with 2.1 million euros in co-financing, out of a 5 million euro project. Again with 1.8 million euros in financing on a 4.3 million project, Fantini Group stands out, while 1.6 million euros out of 4.5 project are those of Ati Italian Wine Selection, 1.6 out of 4 for La Marca Vini e Spumanti, and 1.4 out of 3.5 for the Be Wines Association. Again, there are the 919,163 euros out of 1.9 million project for Vigneto Italia, the 520,723 euros out of 1.5 project for the Ati “Italy to Edge of the World”, and then Federdoc, with 246,263 euros for 502,577 euros project.

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