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Draghi flies to Biden: war, energy, wheat and ... the best of Italian wine on the table

The premier flies to Washington with the bottles of Gaja, Masseto, Sassicaia and Marisa Cuomo: hoping to uncork them to celebrate peace

The only topic of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s trip to Washington, where he met US President Joe Biden, was the war in Ukraine, and the need to find a solution that leads to peace as soon as possible, without permitting an inch to the claims of Moscow. Among the whole dramatic international context, in addition to the thorny energy issue, there is also the dangerous global agri-food situation, with the fate of entire areas of the world tied up to the stocks of Ukrainian wheat, still blocked in the ships docked in the Black Sea. From here, according to Draghi, it is necessary to open a window and resume the negotiations path, because the survival of entire countries, but also of a large part of the Italian agri-food industry, depends on that grain. The road to peace can start with the wheat, the goal is historical, and if it succeeds, Joe Biden already knows what to uncork: a Barbaresco Sorì San Lorenzo 2016 by Gaja, a Masseto 2018, one of the most precious labels of Italian wine and top range of Frescobaldi, a Sassicaia 2018 by Tenuta San Guido, from where, thanks to the Incisa della Rocchetta family, the history of Bolgheri began, and a Costa d’Amalfi Fiorduva by Marisa Cuomo, a gift, of course, by Mario Draghi, who brought with him the precious gift box of the Italian Wine Foundation (Fis), under the supervision of the founder and president Franco Maria Ricci. The best way to strengthen friendship and cooperation between two historical allies like the United States and Italy.

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