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Extreme marketing: here comes the new nail polish containing Prosecco

The US Groupon company’s idea comes after the lollipop with Champagne and the blue wine
Nail polish with Prosecco

There are no borders in the creative world of marketing, and in the wine sector, it is possible to list dozens of particular joint ventures, from the lollipop with Champagne, to the Chianti soap, from the now famous blue wine to the Hello Kitty wine. Now comes the nail polish with Prosecco, and it does not have just a chromatic function, thanks to the use of a small amount of real Prosecco in the making, nails coloured with this substance will smell of the primary aromas of the famous wine of Veneto, as Ais, the Italian Sommeliers Association, reports, and in addition to the traditional tasting of the well-known sparkling wine, it will be possible to recognize also the pure alcohol, the shellac, and the propylenic glycol. This is not an Italian gadget. The nail polish with Prosecco comes from the United States, from Groupon. Also, the company underlined many times that the content of the bottle is absolutely not drinkable.

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