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From the meeting with “sailing winemaker” Alberto Antonini, the “Gordon Ramsay Italian Collection”

Three labels born of the encounter between the chef and the winemaker and between Tuscany and Abruzzo
The Scottish chef with his “Gordon Ramsay Italian Collection”

Take a winemaker and producer who has been traveling and working in the four corners of the world for years (but don’t call him a “flying winemaker”, he prefers “sailing winemaker”), like Alberto Antonini, and a chef with restaurants and Michelin stars on both sides of the Atlantic, between the USA and the UK, who has become popular thanks to the small screen, like Gordon Ramsay. Bring them together and the result is the “Gordon Ramsay Italian Collection”, a line of Italian wines produced with Benchmark Drinks for the Tesco supermarket chain (and here online). There are three labels “signed” by Gordon Ramsay, the latest in an endless list of celebrities who, in various ways, have invested in wine (from Sting to Angelina Jolie): a red (“Intenso Rosso 2020”), a white (“Vibrante Bianco 2020”) and a rosé (“Elegante Rosato 2020”), born from another singular encounter, that between the grapes of two oenologically distant and different regions such as Abruzzo and Tuscany.
“Having led a three-star Michelin restaurant for over 20 years, I have had the opportunity to taste some of the best wines in the world. The world of wine has always fascinated me, it’s a magical process where tradition, passion and science come together to be encapsulated in a beautiful bottle”, said Gordon Ramsay at his wine presentation in London.
“Italy and Italian wines have a special place in my heart, Tara (the chef’s wife) and I have spent some incredibly happy times in this fantastic country, and many of those moments have been made even better by a glass of wine”, continues Ramsay. “When it came to launching my wine range, it was very important to set the same standards and quality that I expect in my restaurants. It was a great pleasure to collaborate on this project with Alberto Antonini, one of Italy’s greatest oenologists. I am very proud of what we have created, and hope that food and wine lovers across the UK will love it as much as I do”.

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