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Italian Wine Crypto Bank has created a personal sommelier based on Artificial Intelligence

It will be presented in world premiere at the world’s first “hybrid” wine bar: it will open in March in Bergamo, uniting real and metaverse
The first wine bar also on the metaverse, in March (photo Pexels)

Imagine a personal sommelier, tailored to your needs and tastes, who you can contact at any time to ask for advice on pairings and wines to uncork. This is the new frontier in Artificial Intelligence and it's called Personal GPT Sommelier (Generative Pre-training Transformer ). The technology allows you to create language models that can answer questions in a way similar to a human being. It was developed by the Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB), the first fintech ecosystem that unites the world of fine wines to web 3.0. The Personal Sommelier will be presented at a world preview in March, in Bergamo, at the opening of the BG3.0 Winebank, the first “hybrid” wine bar in the world, which combines the real and the metaverse. GPT technology has already been used to create virtual assistants in various sectors, and now the Italian Wine Crypto Bank has used it to assist wine lovers in a personalized manner when choosing wine, by answering their questions in a natural, competent and fluid way. You can even give the Personal Sommelier a name and be sure, among other things, that he will remember what his “assisted” person drank and ate, based on his previous suggestions. “The Personal GPT Sommelier that we have developed will be available at a world preview, in the month of March for members of the Privilege Club of the BG3.0 Wine Bank, which will open in Bergamo”, Davide Casalin (IWCB and CellarMetaverse) said.
According to the intentions of those who developed it, the new venue will bring wine into the web 3.0 era. On the one hand, it will offer exclusive live food and wine experiences, in its elegant and welcoming venues in the historic Piazzetta Santo Spirito in Bergamo. On the other, and this is the revolutionary innovation, it will have a dimension in the web of the future. The Privilege Club, for instance, will only be accessible through NFTs (non-fungible tokens, i.e., digital information, recorded on a distributed ledger, uniquely associated with one and only one specific user of the system and representing a form of rights as well, ed.), and its utilities will provide, among other things, a personal sommelier for each member, built with Artificial Intelligence. BG3.0 Wine Bank will also have its own platform in the metaverse, which is also a world premiere, where it will offer tastings, events and games in augmented reality. Virtual reality will instead be the star of exclusive tastings with VR glasses, in the designated area of the venue.

The Italian Wine Crypto Bank, founded and directed by Rosario Scarpato, is part of the Crypto World Wine Bank Project (trademarks of The I Factor Ltd Hong Kong) and brings the wine world into a new era, made up of NFTs, Metaverse, Incentivized purchases in cryptocurrencies and Traceability with NFC seals.

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