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IWSR: the market of the future of wine and spirits driven by economic and social changes

Increasingly complex and ethically driven consumptions, digital and experiential approach: these are the trends of the Global Trends Report
Social and economic changes and future consumption

Global consumption is changing and evolving, driven by very different inputs and dynamics: technology, economy, the surrounding environment, in this sense, will also guide consumer choices and their approach to beverages and spirits in the coming years, as described in the analysis of developments in the beer, wine and other spirits market in the Global Trends Report of IWSR - International Wine and Spirits Research. First of all, consumption is becoming increasingly complex: the new entry-level brands will help consumers to satisfy their curiosity and to discover new categories of alcohol still unknown; in the more mature markets a  premiumization will guide consumption, and therefore drinking less but better, with particular attention to artisan and local products; niches and tastes still localized are destined to gain ground; other niches will emerge, especially in terms of personalization of the experience of consumption, for example with the possibility of meeting one's favourite producer, for example a wine, beer or spirits producer; the culture of wine will continue to spread, especially in the large Asian market, through courses, education and schools.
Another fundamental trend concerns lifestyle and ethical choices, which will have a profound impact on the consumer market. The growing interest in wellness has driven the production of products with low alcohol content, but also with less calories, sugar-free, gluten-free and with natural ingredients and nutrients; consumers are also looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment at micro level, for example by adopting vegetarian diets, reducing air travel, avoiding plastic waste and consuming water and other resources in a responsible way: these are all choices that consumers now expect to be taken on by beverage companies throughout the supply chain; moreover, people are showing ever greater loyalty to companies and brands that show sensitivity and support to charities and local communities.
From a digital involvement perspective, personalized and interactive marketing campaigns are becoming fundamental, and technological innovations, such as smart labels, are changing the way consumers interact with products, businesses and brands. Finally, social experience and a sense of inclusion have and will play a crucial role: wine tourism (and much more), pop-up events, festivals and interactive spaces encourage people to plan drinking experiences; in today’s catering industry, themed cocktails and special food and drink pairings have become a central element of the culinary experience, paving the way for the cuisine of the future; macroeconomic and social changes bring new consumers to the beverage market and, as a result, products are ready to evolve and change to meet new needs.

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