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Learn to cook from Bottura or to taste from Suckling, at home: with Masterclass (online courses)

The website offers courses of the most diverse categories, from poker to photography, from sport to cinema, with the big names of each sector
Massimo Bottura and James Suckling among the many online teachers for Masterclass

Learn how to taste wines from James Suckling, how to cook traditional Italian dishes from Massimo Bottura, the art of home cooking from Alice Waters and the basics of cooking from Gordon Ramsey, or how to play tennis from Serena Williams, acting from Samuel L. Jackson and to direct a film from Spike Lee, or even the photography from the great Annie Leibovitz, and to play the electric guitar from Tom Morello, all from home, for only 200 euros a year: it's not a joke and not even a good dream, but the reality of Masterclass, where there are the teachings of the most diverse categories, of great people from every field that, in addition to those mentioned, ranging from poker to writing, from screenplay to sports, from science to magic, of course through the kitchen. Thus, the starred chef Massimo Bottura, in his series of lessons, will teach all Italian cuisine lovers in the world to cook, the most famous and typical dishes, but there will also be the famous British chef of TV, Gordon Ramsey, who recently launched his course of restaurant recipes to do at home, or Thomas Meller, with his in-depth study of meats, sausages, and sauces. To get a basic understanding of French patisserie, just follow the tips of Dominique Ansel, while for basic advice there are those of Wolfgang Puck, and if Thomas Keller focuses on recipes based on vegetables, eggs, and pasta, the great supporter of city farming Alice Waters will bring the art of cooking at home. Although with much less representation, wine also has its place in the Masterclass courses: the basis of the tasting is entrusted to the expert words of James Suckling, one of the most followed voices of the international wine critics.

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