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Luca Currado Vietti and Elena Penna leave Vietti, a historic Barolo winery (from 2016 belongs to the Krause group)

“It is a chapter that closes, a “consensual divorce”. However, we certainly don’t “retire” from the world of wine”
Luca Currado Vietti and Elena Penna leave Vietti, history of Barolo

“One chapter closes and another begins; it’s a “consensual divorce”, but we’re not “retiring” from the wine world. For now, I continue with my consultancy in several wineries around Italy, and, together with my wife Elena Penna, we run the company that bears her name and produces Vermouth da Barolo, Gin, and high-quality spirits, which is doing very well. There’s nothing else in the near future, then we’ll see”. Luca Currado Vietti, who carries one of Barolo’s historic names, comments to WineNews on the end of a long journey for him and his wife Elena in the family cellar, founded at the end of the 19th century by Carlo Vietti, Luca’s great-grandfather, and acquired in 2016 by the American group Krause, which today has 80 hectares of vineyards, more than 20 of which are in Barolo. The Vietti family, therefore, leaves the winery that bears his name.
“Elena and Luca Currado Vietti completed their journey within the company, founded at the end of the 19th century by Carlo Vietti, Luca’s great-grandfather, and acquired in 2016 by the Krause group. Until today, Luca and Elena had maintained the direction, ensuring global brand diffusion and propelling the winery to the top of international criticism, but with the beginning of 2023, their entrepreneurial path will be separated from Kyle Krause”, explains an official note.
“It has been years of strong dynamism, marked by great satisfaction and the achievement of new significant goals - say Elena and Luca Currado Vietti - the results obtained are the result of great teamwork, thanks to the human capital that works and has worked in Vietti, to which we are bound by a deep and sincere feeling of gratitude”. “It was a good story, and we’ve been working within the company since 2016 with the American group that invested in us and had the foresight to know when to intervene directly and when to rely on those with the right skills. It was a great job - Luca Currado Vietti tells more to WineNews - done with a great team, we capitalized on the investments made, as the numbers show, given that we went from 6 million euros in turnover in 2015 to 17.5 in 2022, but also critics and international awards, such as that of “Cantina dell’Anno” from “Vinous” by the critic Antonio Galloni”.
“But now Vietti - explains Luca Currado Vietti - is a different company, that can walk without us, on its own legs. It wasn’t easy to cut this umbilical cord, but it had to happen sooner or later. However, now is a happy time. I wanted to get back to doing what I enjoy, which is making wine and walking through vineyards. My wife and I are lucky people to be able to do the job we like, this is true wealth. We are certainly not retiring from the world of wine, I was born in the vineyard, or perhaps I was conceived in the cellar, and our connection to wine is visceral. We will also see what our children, who are finishing university, will want to do. For now, there is nothing else concrete, also because, in these six years, we have worked 100% for Vietti and for the Krause group, and we have not prepared anything else”. But the future is yet to be written.

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