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Maremma, Montecucco and Morellino di Scansano: unions between the Maremma territories

Francesco Mazzei (President of the Maremma Consortium): “we are all children of the same land, a path together is a great opportunity”

Reported by contemporary historians such as Bianciardi and Ciuffoletti, already in the pages of writers such as Carducci and Lawrence, without forgetting Dante, the Maremma is perhaps the most modern territory in the Tuscany of wine. A land that is both harsh and generous at the same time, from the coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea it embraces the hills of the hinterland. And it expresses different wines and denominations: from Montecucco, which laps Montalcino, to Morellino di Scansano and Doc Maremma. More or less young and different names, that after having moved their steps in a divided and independent way, now begin a journey together, as Francesco Mazzei explains to WineNews, at the head of one of the historical names of the wine of Tuscany and president of the Maremma Wine Consortium, from MareMMMa, the event that today, at the Granaio Lorenese in Spergolaia in Alberese, has put under the same roof 400 labels of 85 wineries of the three denominations.
“We all insist on the same territory - explains Mazzei - and I think it is not only useful but necessary, to make a journey together, we are all children of this beautiful area that is the Maremma. The different identities must remain safe, but there is a great opportunity to promote together, also because in many cases those who produce Morellino and Montecucco also produce Maremma. We have already discussed with the other presidents (Claudio Tipa for Montecucco and Rossano Teglielli for the Morellino di Scansano, ed) to look less at the bell towers, and to finally boost the Maremma “.
A road that begins and that, perhaps, in the future, will lead to a single great name and a single consortium. “If we can organize events together, and share initiatives is already the first step, then things will come alone. The merger of consortiums is one of the possible scenarios, I do not exclude others, but I do not want to stimulate any action in this direction at this time. In the meantime, let’s start doing things together, keeping everyone’s identity and organization, then we’ll see.
What is certain is that the Maremma is a great territory, and capable of expressing such diversity in the glass, from Vermentino, the main grape variety on the coasts, to Sangiovese in the hinterland, passing through Morellino and the great international vines.
“It is a very large area, with great potential, and it is the peculiarity of the Maremma - explains Mazzei - which has the ability to offer different opportunities and all interesting, as shown for example the Vermentino “of the sea”, very different from that of the hill. I think we are like the Napa Valley, a latest-generation appellation, where there isn’t a dominant grape variety, but a lot of varieties and possibilities of expression.

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