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Opera Wine 2019 and a peaceful revolution: massive turnover of top Italian wines

According to WineNews rumors, the Wine Spectator tasting will reflect the richness and vivacity of Italian wines
I produttori di Opera Wine 2018, per il 2019, dicono i rumors, tanto turnover

There will be a small revolution at Opera Wine 2019, the tasting of the 100 best Italian wines, signed by Wine Spectator and, for the last few years, the prologue of Vinitaly (which will be staged on April 6, 2019, in Verona). It will be a peaceful revolution (around 25%, ed.), which will lead, as the rumors WineNews has gathered say, to a generous turnover at the tasting tables. It is not really easy to say how big of a turnover it will be, but it seems that in one of the most nominated denominations, Brunello di Montalcino, it will affect all the wine companies, and the trend should involve just about all the Italian wine territories (from Valpolicella to Barolo).
This “new phenomenon” has to be interpreted because it is true that in 2012 the US magazine organized the tasting conceiving it as a selection of the best Italian wines, it also became immediately clear that the richness and diversity of Italian wines essentially escapes any attempt of standardizing it. There are just too many excellence products, as well as the myriad of emerging territories and companies, which narrate a dynamism for all to see, and where sometimes even the “legends”, in the evaluation of Wine Spectator, must apparently take a step aside - not backwards - to give light and visibility to those that through hard work and high quality, deserve a showcase like Opera Wine.

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