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Osservatorio Signorvino: the wine lover drinks more and more bubbles (and spends more)

From the numbers of the wine shop chain, Veneto, Tuscany and Piedmont move 2 bottles out of 3. The top price range is between 9.90 and 29.90 euros

Veneto, Tuscany, Piedmont, Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige: only five regions account for 85% of the value sales of Signorvino, the most important “wineshop-chain” in Italy, with 16 points of sale in the most important cities of Italy, from Milan to Verona, from Turin to Florence, from Bologna to Brescia and beyond, capable of moving one million bottles of wine a year, with a turnover of 31 million euros. Which, through the numbers of its Osservatorio, tells a trend of growth in value of all types and (almost) all price ranges, with the one that goes from 9.90 to 29.90 euros representing 48% of sales, up by +8%. Wines between 29.90 and 49.90 euros per bottle also performed well, growing by +9% with a market share of 20%, while the 49.90-99.90 range, up by +15%, represents 11% of sales, less than the range from 5.90 to 9.90 euros, up by +12%, for 16% of the bottles sold in the Signorvino points of sale, where only super-premium bottles, between 99.90 and the 3,900 euros per bottle, are down by -2%, with a share of 5%.
The average customer, reveals the Osservatorio, is still a male, between 35 and 40 years old, with a particular curiosity for the bottles of small producers, especially if young and emerging. Also important are the labels of the most famous brands, especially among consumers who are approaching the world of wine for the first time, who let themselves be guided among the wines awarded by the guides.
The most updated data, moreover, tell, in the first six months of 2019, the boom of bubbles, which grow over the same period in 2018 of 24% in terms of value sold. In first place in terms of incidence sold is Franciacorta
, with a greater growth for Franciacorta Dosé Zero: the new trend of a denomination that goes beyond the Satén type, which in recent years has seen a very consistent growth trend. This shows that the consumer is increasingly moving towards a targeted purchase, demonstrating a precise taste and an increasingly technical approach. Prosecco confirms its position as the second best in the category, with a significant evolution in sales of Cartizze, a sign that even in the most commercial products, consumers are showing an increasing sensitivity to the search for quality and excellence, even in terms of everyday consumption, with moderate price ranges. Trentodoc closes in third place the classification of the Denominations of bubbles, with absolute domination of the Pinot Noir grape variety which, in the shade of the Rosé, shows the predominant growth. This detail underlines the constant growth that the rose wines category is having in a transversal way compared to the denomination but also to the category of analysis. Moreover, Trentodoc, despite having a lower weight on the sales side compared to Franciacorta and Prosecco, proves to be the denomination that grows most in terms of trend among all the bubbles, recording a growth of +9% (followed by Franciacorta with +6%, then Prosecco with +4%). The category of refermented wines is still a niche one, but not at all insignificant for the trend data recorded, with a 16% increase in the reference period.
But the value trend is also positive for the other categories , with red wines accounting for 54% of sales, but white wines are also doing well, accounting for 15.7% of sales, and growing in value by 14%. And, even though the numbers are still very small (3.8% of the value of sales), rose wines are growing very much, at +46%, while sweet wines remain substantially marginal (2.5% of sales, +1% of the trend in value).

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