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Signorvino’s wine shop chain doubles: target 10 new openings in Italy and abroad by 2021

Bergamo, Parma, and Rome are already planned. Luca Pizzighella: “the shop is the fulcrum of Signorvino’s experience
Luca Pizzighella, responsible for Signorvino’s project

The aim is to bring everyone back to a simple, but not trivial, approach to wine, as an expression of stories and territories, but also of conviviality and well-being, with a project aimed above all at young people. A project that until today has been a solid success, a constant growth, and that plans the future, including new openings in Italy and abroad, but not only. Look to the future Signorvino, the only wine shop chain in Italy, founded by “mister Calzedonia” Sandro Veronesi (with his son Federico Veronesi), and directed by Luca Pizzighella, which today has 16 stores throughout Italy, from Milan to Verona, from Turin to Florence, from Bologna to Brescia and beyond, with a turnover of 35 million euros (between wine and catering), over 1.500 labels from all over Italy and beyond, and a team of 300 people who, every day, interface with wine lovers more or less young, or just wine consumers, and which aims to open another 10 pubs between 2020 and 2021. On the calendar there are already Bergamo (in the shopping center of Curno, November 28) and Parma (both Creative Cities for the Gastronomy of UNESCO, with the recent entry of the Lombard city, ed), and especially Rome (in the central Piazza Barberini / Corner Via Veneto), while, in the plans, there are two other pubs in Milan, one, perhaps, on the Navigli, and one in the Corso Como area. To anticipate it, to WineNews, Pizzighella. “After having achieved good consolidated results over the years, we want to grow again. At the location level, we have always focused on iconic places in the places where we opened, I think of Turin, which is a former Orthodox church, or Florence, where we have one of the few, if not the only, terrace on the Arno open to the public, or here in Merano ”, where we met him, and where the restaurant develops under the arches of a historic building in the heart of the Alto Adige town.

“Our formula works, we work a lot on food, as well as on wine, looking for products that tell the story of the territory - explains Pizzighella - thanks to the work of our wine & food specialists Michele Marchesini and Paolo Parenti, but also on communication, whose head is Enrico Giurdanella, to get to young people directly, or through social and influencer, to tell them about wine and Italian food, working on possible combinations even when we take a bottle and take it home. Our primary objective is always, first of all to make the customer feel good, to help him to approach a wine offer that in terms of volume, but not only, sometimes away, frightens. For this reason we work a lot on the aspect of food, which helps a lot, under the direction of the head of our chefs Matteo Del Canton, but also on the continuous training of those who work with us, coordinated by Marco Ceschi, so that in our stores staff are always able to find the right wine for the right time. Because we are convinced that there is no better wine than another, but that there are wines that we prefer not only according to our taste, but also to the moment. As if to say, we think that it is possible to find a “destination of use” for each wine”.

And this is possible thanks to the study of the behavior of its customers, also analyzed through the Observatory Signorvino. “We have already launched a “fidelity card” that has already 10,000 members, and that allows us to have a better mapping of what our customers want - explains Pizzighella - and improve the service we offer. An increasingly “omnichannel” service, which also provides for the shipment at home, and throughout the world, of wines purchased in the local, and so on. Everything is designed as a service: we do not want, for example, to compete in the e-commerce market, because it is not our focus. Our firm point is that the fulcrum of the experience of those who deal with Signorvino must always be the local”. And the only Italian “wine shop chain”, as I said, is ready to open others, in Italy, but also abroad, explains Pizzighella, as soon as there is the right opportunity: “it’s a step we want to take, and in which we believe. We are looking for the best opportunity, both in large countries and in smaller markets”. Always with the same philosophy: to make the experience of a good glass of wine simpler and more accessible, but never trivial.

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