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The United States celebrated “National Prosecco Week”: 82 million bottles shipped

The American market is number one in exports of the Venetian bubbles. From New York to Los Angeles, the bubbles are now a symbol of Italian culture

After living through a very challenging 2020 - a horrible year for bubbles - Prosecco has resumed the journey that began more than a decade ago, which quickly went overseas, to the USA, where it has become a true cult, especially among young wine lovers. Numbers tell the story that has put the United States at the top of importing countries. Out of the 500 million bottles produced every year, 78.5% ends up abroad, which has translated into over 82 million bottles crossing the Ocean in 2020. Only in Italy do people drink more Prosecco, and in no other country abroad is it valued as much. Stefano Zanette, president of Prosecco DOC, stated, “in the United States, Prosecco is sold on the shelves at an average price of about 13-15 US dollars per bottle”.
It is the symbol of Italian lifestyle around the world, and now Prosecco has a leading role that puts it in a category of its own among American consumers. Between 2011 and 2019, i.e., in less than 10 years, shipments have increased from 17.6 to 82 million bottles. There is a common, invisible thread that links the Veneto Region (and also Friuli Venezia Giulia) to New York and Los Angeles, which the “National Prosecco Week” has highlighted. The Prosecco DOC Consortium has been organizing the week since 2018, to celebrate the culture of Prosecco in the United States, and “educate” the media as well as the sector professionals by bringing them closer to Prosecco issues, as well as promoting knowledge to consumers. Commercial activities (over 700 online shops and physical stores participated), seminars and virtual tastings, generated links to over 70 key figures in the wine sector. Merit also goes to two well-known personalities in the States - the “World Wine Guys”- Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jensen, who managed the event.
During “National Prosecco Week”, five wine tastings were conducted live on Instagram, involving key influencers, and gave rise to 259 contents published on Instagram, over 14.000 likes, 2.000 comments, 4.000 views (still growing). Further, Prosecco DOC’s social media accounts collected a total of 1.15 million impressions and 36.700 interactions. The partnerships launched with economic-commercial professionals included, among others, involvement of companies such as Wine.com, SevenFifty, VinePair, Grand Reserve Mastercard, City Hive and 3x3. In addition, thanks to close strategic relationships with the American media, the initiative reached 267 million potential users.

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