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The world of research has confirmed that women are better wine tasters than men

The study by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid confirms: women identify a greater range of aromas, and are stricter on scores
The world of research has confirmed that women are better wine tasters than men

Women are better wine tasters than men. It is a question of natural predisposition, corroborated by at least two important scientific studies. The first, in 2014, “Sensory Science Testing and Research Center” in Kent, Great Britain, showed that women have a significantly greater ability to recognize and distinguish a wide range of tastes and smells, both in wine and in food. Confirming the theory that the fair sex would be potentially, and naturally, better at wine criticism, is the study of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, conducted by Dr. Caroline Chaya, who involved 208 people in a blind tasting of six wines.
The results, as the British magazine “The Drinks Business” reported, were that “in general, men have given higher average scores on the whole range of emotions related to the wines tasted, while women, who gave lower scores, also identified many more marked differences between one wine and another”. Therefore, the study published by the scientific journal “Food Quality and Preference” confirms that the range of aromas a woman can identify and judge is on average broader than that of men, but there is more.
Age is also an important factor. Younger consumers are the most critical as well, while older ones tend to be more enthusiastic, which obviously reflects on the scores: higher among the more mature drinkers, lower among the younger ones. Moreover, research reveals the general trend that wines with fruity and floral aromas evoke more positive emotions than those characterized by notes of licorice, cloves and vanilla. Freshness and drinkability prevail over complex and aged wines.

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