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Toasting on yachts: wine and luxury linked to nautical tourism

The niche market is constantly growing. Focus on the “Porto Cervo Wine & Food Festival” (May 9-12) event, dedicated to Italian quality

There are not only restaurants, wine bars and wine stores. There is also an exclusive world in which wine is uncorked on board luxury yachts and boats, perhaps paired to a light lunch between a swim in the sea, an aperitif on the deck at sunset or a candlelit dinner lulled by the waves. It is an experience that is definitely not within everyone’s reach. However, the wine market targeted for luxury nautical tourism, even though it is a niche segment, is constantly growing, intended for high spender consumers who are not touched by the crisis, who might order bottles customized to match the color palette of the boat and who will not give up drinking Italian, even in the Caribbean. The Costa Smeralda, in Sardinia, is the number one destination in the Mediterranean of super and mega yachts. Last year the total value of the boats that landed there was 15 and a half billion US dollars. The economic benefits are, of course, significant. A yacht generates an income, depending on its size, ranging from 6.000 to 40.000 euros per day, including supplies of dream galleys of fine wines and fine foods. The theme at the “Porto Cervo Wine & Food Festival” 2024 (May 9 - 12), the event organized by Marriott International (which manages Hotel Cala di Volpe, Cervo Hotel, Pevero Golf on behalf of Smeralda Holding Club, and a rich collection of bars and restaurants), was dedicated this year to boating, International trade and exports. The “Porto Cervo Wine & Food Festival”, which is held in one of the most privileged tourist and International jet set destinations, is dedicated to the market that brings top quality wine and food on board exclusive places. The 13th edition of the Festival brought together exhibitors, and people responsible for the wine & food supply chain of luxury boats.
For instance, one of these people is Elio Serra, founder and owner of Blu Wander DMC, a company that has been promoting the Costa Smeralda all over the world since 1995, organizing services dedicated to private individuals and businesses, as well as to Blue Wander Yacht Charter, specialized in luxury nautical charters, who explained to WineNews that “the link between the worlds of high-level sailing and wine is very important. Whenever someone forms an image of a boat he sees himself holding a glass of excellent wine in his hand, either at sunset or at lunch with friends. The market has expanded rapidly over the last 20 years, and now there is a greater variety of wines available. On board our yachts, we have made a precise choice to favor local wines, so there is a basic galley, made up of wines from the territory and Sardinia. Then, based on specific requests, we supply other types of wines and brands in general, all of absolute top quality. We work mainly with Americans, Brazilians and Germans. We can definitely say that the market is International and varied, as our customers are of all Nationalities”. What are the prospects of the nautical tourism supply chain from the producers' point of view? “We have historical experience in supplying wines to top level boats and yachts”, as Roberta
Bianchi (Villa Franciacorta)
one of the historic brands of the denomination, explained, “we work mainly with the Swiss market - our customers sail all over the world. Since we have a variety of clients, it is stimulating for us to suggest Franciacorta wines, which are appropriate to pair with food as well as drinking as an aperitif. Customers often want to customize the label by putting the name of the yacht on it, and some customers even ask us to match it to the colors and style of the boat. In other words, classic wines paired with golden tones for historic boats of valuable and prestigious woods, or minimalist for modern and technological boats, as we did for a boat designed by Giugiaro. Furthermore, this year, we are offering the galley supply service on the Costa Smeralda. In other words, a phone call will supply bottles of Villa Franciacorta delivered to each port for your yacht, at the right temperature and ready to be drunk for whatever occasion - a toast at sunset or during a voyage on the high seas”.
“The Porto Cervo Wine Festival takes place in one of the most prestigious locations that follow the trends of this luxury sector”, Valentina Argiolas (Argiolas), one of the leading wineries in Sardinia and on the National wine scene, said, “we have been working with this market for years, and supplying, through trusted wholesalers and wine shops, the most prestigious boats and private jets. It is a unique segment that is always looking for something different and out of the ordinary, such as large formats and old vintages. That is why the proposals they offer would not be possible in other situations”.
According to Filippo Polegato, at Astoria Vini, one of the top Prosecco brands, “since the beginning, the Porto Cervo Wine & Food Festival has been fundamental in making our wines known on the Costa Smeralda and in the luxury yachting market. We are totally committed to creating the perfect bubbles for this type of consumer. This year, for instance, we have dedicated a bottle to the sea, dressing it with an evocative turquoise packaging. However, we focus on the domestic as well as the International markets. We also supply luxury yachts in Saint Barth and the British Virgin Islands”.
You don’t just drink bubbles on boats, though, so Italian white wines have found an unexpected and important outlet. “The nautical world of the Costa Smeralda is definitely a driving force for the Gallura white wines market, and, of course, for our brand”, said Mark Hartmann of Saraja, an emerging brand on the island, “because it qualifies us at a high level, placing us on the International showcase. Over the last few years we have witnessed a rapid rise in Provençal-style rosés, based on Cannonau and Carignano, as the wines are easy to drink”.
“It’s quite interesting that we are now entering the luxury world with Ribolla Gialla, a vine that can be “dressed up” in an evening dress or “down” in a bikini, and live up to expectations in both contexts”, Giorgia Polegato, at the helm, together with her sister Luana and brother Riccardo, of La Viarte, a winery in the Colli Orientali del Friuli, “thanks to its acidity and pronounced minerality, it is perfect in the summer, especially by the sea”.
The “Porto Cervo Wine & Food Festival” 2024 - over 80 exhibitors, 60 of wine & spirits, and over 20 of food - organized a calendar of events this year including cocktail shows, Masterclasses, tastings and events linked to the “outside the fair” that added sparkle to the village of Porto Cervo. There were signature drinks and a DJ musical set, plus Martina Colombari the actress and showgirl, who inaugurated the event, while the singer, Enrico Ruggeri was a special guest.
“Smeralda Holding and Marriott International continue to support the territory and the entire Regional and National food and wine sector”, Franco Mulas, Costa Smeralda Area Manager said, “Costa Smeralda aims to be, like other important Regional destinations, ambassador, and at the same time, promoter of the excellent food and wine produced in Sardinia, in the Italian Peninsula and around the world. The “Porto Cervo Wine & Food Festival” is an International showcase that offers the exhibitors unique visibility opportunities, abroad and in the most prestigious hotels, restaurants and bars on the Costa Smeralda, which serve more than 500.000 customers arriving from all parts of the world”. The event also presented the “Porto Cervo Wine Festival Awards”, divided into various categories including Regional and National wines. The wines awarded received a special seal to be applied on their bottles and become part of the “Taste of Sardinia”, a Marriott Costa Smeralda’s initiative to showcase Italy’s excellent products around the world.

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