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“Troviamoci”: Ca’ del Bosco in support of the catering industry

The initiative of the Franciacorta brand. A tool “to give visibility to restaurants that resist,” Maurizio Zanella explains to WineNews

A virtual place to promote the meeting between appraisers and hospitality professionals in the growth of food and wine culture, richness, and diversity of the territories: this is the idea of the brand of Italian bubbles Ca’ del Bosco, with Troviamoci. A web space in which to find the gourmet places in Italy, but above all because “every year nature teaches us that the recovery is always a team work and, above all, now Ca’ del Bosco believes it is essential to work as a team with the HoReCa world”, explains Maurizio Zanella, at the helm of one of Franciacorta’s iconic wineries.
“We have tried to make a small contribution to the sector in a confusing situation, in which the rules are still unclear - Maurizio Zanella explains to WineNews - and so we have tried to support catering, to give a service to our appraisers, to those customers who are looking for quality catering, trying to create an app that helps to understand who today in the catering industry is committed to quality, provides take-away service or tries to reopen. In concrete terms, we geolocate our consumers who want to know what’s open around where they are, and we respond by mapping Ca’ del Bosco’s customers who try to keep the machine on and try to give quality service to their customers. troviamoci is a small contribution we wanted to make to our consumers and our customers”.

“In recent months we have seen many initiatives aimed at directly reaching end consumers given the situation, for some time now we have partnerships with the leading e-commerce platform, for example, looking at those who aim to offer the best shopping experience, and not just think about discounting. However, we cannot completely deny the role of those who have done and will continue to do intermediation between us producers and consumers, such as restaurateurs, wine bars and wine shops that, for years, as well as business, also create culture, tell the company and its values, not just the product,” explains the sales director of Ca’ del Bosco, Dante Bonacina, who adds: “If you lose Italian catering, which today is in great difficulty, you lose the primary channel that conveys the diversity of the territories, which gives space to quality handcrafted supply chains, not just wine, and so we have thought of a way to be close to the restaurants that for years have also enhanced Ca’ del Bosco. And it has also been a way for our sales force, which has gathered the adhesions of the restaurants to the project, to be able to resume contact with our customers constructively and serenely”.
Quality wine and catering, catering and quality wine, two sides of the same medal, who are facing the COVID crisis paying a very high price. “It is impossible to quantify the losses for wine, but I believe that for quality wine companies, certainly if the average in the first quarter is -20%, which becomes -25% in the first quarter, it will go close to 30-40% by the end of the year - adds Zanella - I hope I am wrong but I think these will be the numbers. The recovery will take a long time to bring us to normality, which also means a full customer base, not only with Italians, but also with tourists, who, in quality catering, then are the most, and I think that until July we do not see them”.
So how does a winery survive this storm? “With consistency, both on the market front and the quality of the product - underlines Zanella - and continuing to do what has always been done. Sacrifices will be needed, a great deal of attention to costs, but consistency must be maintained on product quality and distribution methods. I see all the other actions as palliative actions which, in the short term, can also yield good results, but which, in the medium and long term, would be extremely serious for some companies. We must hold our nerves at a time when enormous sacrifices will be required, but all the companies that have built their reputation and history on the past must remain consistent. We must remain those we have always been, roll up our sleeves because what we will lose in 2020 we should know how to lose it, and try to recover it in 2021 and 2022. Hoping also that the good Lord will give us a great harvest”.

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