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UK: Prosecco is slowing down for first time in 10 years. 2.3% less in volume half way through 2018

Luca Giavi, director of the Prosecco Consortium: “low MMR growth in the UK, but the US continues to grow”

Following a full decade of uninterrupted growth, for the first time, Prosecco shipments to Great Britain are down. Volume has registered 2.3% less in the first six months of 2018, but values are continuing to grow at +4.9%. The data, provided to WineNews by the director of the Prosecco Consortium, Luca Giavi, is not excessively alarming, especially following the difficult 2017 vintage quantity wise, “but we cannot hide the fact that there is certainly a slowdown, because at the beginning of July 2018 sales in mass market retailers of Prosecco compared to the previous 12 months have grown only 1.7% in volume compared to +19% the previous year”. In short, there are some signs of concern, but no panic, because “Prosecco is continuing to grow in the US and within a few months it could become our number one market”.

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