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Wine, the world value for consumption, to 439 billion dollars in 2023: the analysis of "Statista"

The “out of home consumption", with 29% of the volumes, moves 55% of the business. Global consumption per capita at 3.7 liters per person
Wine, the world's consumption, to 439 billion dollars in 2023

The world wine market, in 2019, is expected to generate a turnover of around 370 billion dollars for consumption, of which 315 billion dollars for still wines, 40 billion dollars for sparkling wines and 13 billion dollars for fortified wines. An already important figure, which could reach 429 billion dollars in 2023, due almost exclusively to the increase in prices, since the volume of wine sold in the world should remain substantially stable, at 27 billion liters per year, according to the analysis of the portal Statista.com, reported by WineNews. That, analyzing the data of Europe, United States, Australia, Latin America and China, highlights some curious aspects. Meanwhile, the "per capita" turnover linked to wine at a global level has risen from 35 dollars per person per year in 2019 to 50 in 2019 (and should reach 56 dollars in 2023). A figure to be taken for what it is, but which in its own way tells of how much has grown, in less than ten years, the overall value of the world wine industry.
It remains very fragmented, at the level of dominant groups, compared to the beer and alcohol market, for example, as Statista points out, with the four largest companies in the sector, namely E&J Gallo, Constellation Brands, The Wine Group and Treasury Wine Estates, which together make less than 10% of the business run. A figure that, on the other hand, should not change much between now and 2023, is linked to the relationship between domestic and out-of-home consumption.
Glasses and bottles consumed at home today account for 71% of world consumption in volume, but only 45% in value, while the channel of restaurants, wine bars, wine shops and out-of-home in general, is far more profitable, given that with “just” 29% of the volumes, makes up 55% of the values. Proportions that, according to the survey, should remain so crystallized for at least the next 4 years. One of the most intriguing data, however, is that of per capita consumption, which, in an increasingly large world market, sees every “citizen of the world” consume just 3.7 liters of wine per year. An average, of course, between countries that have consolidated consumption of 40 liters of wine, and others that do not exceed one liter per year. But they give the dimension of how much, potentially, at a global level, the wine industry can still grow.

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