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Pasqua Vini, a top brand in Valpolicella, awarded “Innovator of the Year” 2023 by “Wine Enthusiast”

The winery, led by Umberto, Riccardo and Alessandro Pasqua, awarded by the famous American wine magazine’s “Wine Star Award”
Riccardo, Umberto and Alessandro Pasqua, at the helm of Pasqua Vini

It is a hard climb to get to the top of a sector, and confirming your position by innovating is an even bigger achievement. Mission accomplished, though, for Pasqua Vini, a leading wine company and one of the standard bearers of Amarone della Valpolicella and Venetian wines all over the world. The winery has been awarded the prestigious title, “Innovator of the Year” of the “Wine Star Awards” by the famous US magazine “Wine Enthusiast” (this edition, which to date, has also awarded Alessio Planeta, at the helm of the Sicilian wine company Planeta, “Winemaker of the Year”, ed.). The award acknowledges the Verona winery’s pioneering role in the vineyard and on the market, and that the Pasqua family company continues to invest in research and experimentation in winemaking techniques and styles, together with the innovative approach to marketing and communications they have strategically positioned in key markets, including the United States and Asia. The company was founded in 1925, and is therefore almost a century old, but is oriented to the future under the leadership of president Umberto Pasqua and his sons, Riccardo and Alessandro, the third generation of the family. Their innovative approach is summarized by the slogan, “House of the Unconventional”, reflecting their visionary attitude to constantly challenge the status quo.
“This award confirms our desire to contribute to shaping the future of the sector”, Riccardo Pasqua, CEO Pasqua Vini declared, “the title,“Innovator of the Year” is an honor and a profound responsibility, It is not only an exceptional result but also a significant milestone in our hundred year history”. Alessandro Pasqua, president of Pasqua USA, added, “all of this would not have been possible without our exceptional team, whom I deeply thank for their ongoing dedication and hard work. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Wine Enthusiast, and we are ready to continue this journey together creating extraordinary experiences for wine lovers around the world.”
“One of the most symbolic projects of the winery”, a note from the company explained, “is certainly the Mai Dire Mai (never say never) line, introduced in 2016: Amarone 2010 and Valpolicella 2012. The Pasqua family had been cultivating the idea of an iconic line for quite a while that could convey the excellence of Valpolicella, and Mai Dire Mai was precisely it. In 2017, they introduced 11 Minutes Rosé, which was the absolutely first Italian rosé to do maceration on the grape skins. The result is a precious blend that comes from the noblest parts of native vines such as Corvina and Trebbiano di Lugana, together with two international grapes, Syrah and Carmenère, which give minerality and freshness in the glass. In 2020 the 11 Minutes project reached its most dynamic expression with Y by 11 Minutes, a blend of Corvina, Trebbiano di Lugana and Carmenère, partially aged in oak. The 2021 vintage of Y by 11 Minutes took a further step forward, obtaining organic certification. Hey French You Could Have Made This but You Didn’t, is a multi-vintage white on the market in 2019, and which is now in its third edition. Fear No Dark, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Oseleta was released in 2023, positioned in the ultra-premium segment, and they are the icons that add value and complete the rich portfolio”.
Pasqua Vini’s strategy is based on searching for excellence in the various interpretations of the terroir and in the winery through investments in infrastructure and technology. In 2022, the company obtained SOPD Standard “Sustainable Organization Module – OS” certification by Equalitas, emphasizing its commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. In 2018, the winery launched a “natural vineyard” pilot project, firmly convinced that innovation begins in the vineyard. The 1.2 hectare plot in Valpantena, in San Roccolo di Montorio, let us experiment and implement techniques that were consequently also applied in other vineyards, highlighting the desire to satisfy the demands of consumers who are increasingly attracted to ethics and sustainable lifestyles. The project aims to protect the vineyard and its territory.
Outside the vineyard, the winery manifests its attitude towards innovation in its curiosity towards worlds and languages close to wine, inclusive and universal, actively promoting creativity from multiple angles aiming to reach new generations. Over the past few years, Pasqua Vini has collaborated with and supported artists and innovators from all over the world in the field of digital and contemporary art. In the last three years, Vinitaly has commissioned special immersive installations from Falling Dreams to Amygdala.n, Luna Somnium and Superfluo, and in the last few days Pasqua has been the star on top international art scenes such as London, New York and Verona.
Pasqua Vini is active in 72 countries around the world and its consolidated global turnover of 72 million US dollars in 2022, has crowned it one of the sector’s leaders. The most iconic premium wines, together with the most innovative winemaking styles, continue to drive sales in key markets including Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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