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The Rocca delle Macìe way: distribution in synergy with other “family” wine producers

The “Collezione Zingarelli” project is growing and now has six distribution wineries, including Ascheri 1880 and Fantin Nodar

“Collezione Zingarelli” is a distribution project of Rocca della Macìe, one of the most famous wineries in the Chianti Classico area, led by Sergio Zingarelli. The project was started quite a while ago, in the perspective of sharing values ​​such as family at the helm of the company, obsession with quality, attention to sustainability and the territory, and creating collaboration between producers on distribution, which is a crucial factor in the wine world. Zingarelli continues to invest in collaboration among producers on the markets, which will be increasingly important in post Covid-19, and that according to all the analyses will be even more complex and competitive than it was in the past. The individual wineries participating in the project will benefit from the Rocca delle Macìe distribution network in Italy (over 70 agents), and abroad. At the same time, they will be expanding their portfolio and, therefore, the opportunity to open commercial contacts for the Castellina maison in Chianti and for partner wineries. The Zingarelli Collection project, which includes companies such as Villa Vescovile in Trentino, Pietrapura in Apulia, Fratus in Franciacorta as well as Macchialupa in Campania, and just recently two other prestigious wineries have joined. One of the two new partners is the Fantin Nodar wine company, founded in the 1980s and situated in a particularly benevolent area of ​​the Colli Orientali del Friuli, one of the choice lands for white wines in Italy, owned by the Ermacora family, which has always made wine growing its strong point. The other new collaboration is the Ascheri family, which has deep roots in the Langhe and Roero areas that has produced fine Piedmont wines, such as Barolo, Barbera, Gavi and Moscato d’Asti, since 1880, but up until today, it has been more oriented towards exports and towards the domestic market.
“Companies that become members of the large “Collezione Zingarelli” family”, emphasized Sergio Zingarelli, “must have specific production and ethical philosophy characteristics. The property must also belong to a family, and they must show their determination to always seek the highest possible quality, respect the environment, engage non-invasive production techniques in the vineyard and in the winery, and be very attentive to the identity of the territory. The choice to take new steps, to “relaunch” also in difficult times, is in our family's DNA. My father, and many others, made a significant gesture during the 1985 frost that destroyed all our olive groves, when he responded to the catastrophe by setting up a new company oil mill in the hamlet of the Riserva di Fizzano”.
“The meeting of our two families, Ermacora and Zingarelli, for me”, stated Dario Ermacora, “is a dynamic collaboration. It is the way to develop commercial strategies nowadays, in an ever-changing scenario. We will unite our skills and knowledge to face new and stimulating global challenges”.
“We started to reorganize our Italian market”, said Matteo Ascheri (who is also the president of the Consortium of Barolo and Barbaresco, ed.) only a few years ago, and it was precisely because we believe that being visible in our cities is essential to grow and support our brands. It is a pleasure to establish collaborations with families and observe the reaction of the workers, slowly and carefully, sharing our passions. To us, our property is in the company and we express and vocalize what we do there every day”. In normal years, the volume of the group in distribution represents about 14% globally, and about 35% of the Italian market, in terms of bottles handled. The biggest part of the business is distribution, considering it is worth 25% of Rocca delle Macìe’s turnover in Italy.

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