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408.6 dollars: Australians spend the most money on average to buy wine

France and Switzerland are second and third, the US is far from the podium, as large sections of the population do not like wine
408.6 dollars: Australia is the country where more money is spent on average to buy wine

The country that boasts the highest average per capita of wine consumption in the world is Portugal, at an annual quota of 54 liters per person, according to the 2017 OIV data. In terms of personal spending, however, things are definitely different, and at the top, marking an abysmal distance from all the others, is Australia, where they spend as much as 408.6 dollars per person for wine, for a total consumption of 27 liters per capita. This is almost twice as much as France, which comes in second at 209 dollars per person per year, while Switzerland is in third place at 184.9 dollars per person in annual wine spending, and fifth for average consumption (40.8 liters), as the data of the American Association of Wine Economists revealed. Portugal takes fourth place (175.3 dollars of average spending per person), followed by Argentina (169.8 dollars) and Italy (155.6 dollars). These figures don’t reflect the rankings of countries that drink more, on average, but it is interesting to understand the penetration of wine consumption. For instance, it is no coincidence that the United States, the world’s leading importer, but where wine is not the most popular alcohol in large sections of the population, and where people spend 92.6 dollars per person, is behind Canada (145.8 dollars), Denmark (142.6 dollars), Great Britain (133.4), Sweden (130.2), Belgium (125.2), Norway (120), Austria (102.3), Holland (95.2), Ireland (94.6) and Germany (93.9). And, Spain is even lower, at 72.7 dollars per person in average annual wine spending, but tenth for consumption, at 25.4 liters per capita.

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