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Alberto Antonini: viticulture rediscovers the knowledge of the past to win future challenges

At WineNews the winemaker and producer in the four corners of the wine world. “The work of the farmers behind the most beautiful vineyards”
The point of view of the wine maker Alberto Antonini

Viticulture, in order to face the challenges of the present and the future, must look to the past, and recover those knowledge put in the attic by an applied science that is sometimes short-sighted and incapable of protecting and making use of the knowledge that past generations have left us in legacy, because the most beautiful, long-lived and quality vineyards have been developed by farmers, a category that no longer exists, and of which today there would be more need than ever. To WineNews, the thought of Alberto Antonini, consultant oenologist, but also producer, in the four corners of the oenological world, with a past among the most important brands of Italian wine, from Antinori to Frescobaldi, and consultations in major wine territories, from Castello di Bossi to Cantine Settesoli and Dievole. “In the world, all the most beautiful, oldest and highest quality vineyards have been developed by the farmers. The winemaker continues: “Wisdom must be recovered, even if, unfortunately, it has been devastated by the illusion of applied science, which has instead turned out to be a total flop. It is not enough to study viticulture to make beautiful vineyards, you have to study a lot of botany, plant physiology, biochemistry, soil science, and entomology, so you can understand how a system works and how to create long-lasting and balanced”.

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