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Bolgheri, one of the most “precious” wine appellations on the shelves of Italy and of the world

The average prices at the center of the study of the Consorzio of Bolgheri and Sassicaia, signed by LT Wine & Food Advisory of Lorenzo Tersi
The avenue of Bolgheri surrounded by vineyards

From a land of pioneers of wine, Bolgheri, today is firmly one of the Italian appellations not only more prestigious, but also among the most quoted on the market, both in auctions, where wines such as Sassicaia, Masseto, Ornellaia and Guado al Tasso, are always among the best performers, as well as in wine shops and restaurants around the world. That iconic land of Italy with its avenue of cypresses made immortal by Carducci, and of which, as a pearl of wine, the founding fathers are known and recognized, from Nicolò Incisa della Rocchetta with Sassicaia, at first almost alone, and then Pier Mario Meletti Cavallari, Michele Satta, Lodovico Antinori and Piero Antinori, and today a territory made great by over 65 wineries, 1.359 hectares of vineyards and a 2020 production of 6.5 million bottles, is one of those territories whose wines, on the market, fetch the best prices. This is what is stated in a study of the Consorzio di Tutela Bolgheri and Bolgheri Sassicaia, led all-female by Albiera Antinori (Guado al Tasso), along with Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta (Tenuta San Guido) and Cinzia Merli (Le Macchiole), signed by LT Wine & Food Advisory of Lorenzo Tersi, which took into account, for Bolgheri Rosso, which is worth 64% of production, and for Bolgheri Superiore and Sassicaia, which weighs for 19%, parameters such as the average price at the origin, the shelf price in the main large scale distribution chains in Italy, the selling price of important online stores in Italy and in the world, and the average price in the wine lists of cities such as London, New York, Zurich, Toronto, San Francisco, Moscow, Hong Kong, Dubai, between January 2020 and April 2021.
In other words, the hardest months of the pandemic, in which, despite everything, looking at the prices found online, the value of Bolgheri Doc has increased by +11%, from 57 to 63 euros per bottle, whereas the value of Bolgheri Superiore Doc has increased by +15%, from 108 to 124 euros (source Wine-Searcher, with prices net of VAT, ed.). Looking in detail at e-commerce, in Italy, Bolgheri wines have an average of 29 references in the main portals, with an average price of 55.33 euros per bottle (24.8 for Bolgheri Doc and 85.85 for Bolgheri Superiore), while abroad the average number of references is of 12 labels (with peaks of 20 in USA, Canada and Sweden), and an average price per bottle of 94.31 euros (50.46 for Bolgheri Rosso and 138.16 for Bolgheri Superiore). The values in the horeca market are even higher: in Italy, there are an average of 55 labels on the list, for an average price of 232.53 euros (86 for Bolgheri Doc and 261 for Bolgheri Superiore), whereas abroad, the average is of 31 labels on the list for an average value of 295 euros per bottle, of which 138 for Bolgheri Doc and 452 for Bolgheri Superiore (with a peak of an average price per bottle of 1,014 euros in Dubai, ed.)

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