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Brunello, the “price” of success? A Foundation turn it into ideas and projects for the territory

The Montalcino model is a Territorial Player Foundation, now active, which reinvests the profits of the famous red wine in the growth of the territory

Even producing wine can turn into a virtuous circle, if that wine, which comes from a land that gives the vine, and Sangiovese in particular, those qualities and characteristics that make it one of the most important and appreciated Italian wines in the world, makes the “price” of success to its land, through ideas and projects to grow the territory. A good practice implemented by more and more wineries, but which in Montalcino, a unique case history in Italy, has given birth to a Territorial Foundation, now active, which brings together the main players of the Brunello territory (Consortium, administration and Rural District, who will tell it to “Benvenuto Brunello”, in Montalcino, from February 21 to 24), with the mission of reinvesting the profits obtained from the production and sale of the famous red wine, financing territorial development projects on various fronts, from tourism to artistic and cultural heritage, from social to integration, up to the enhancement of biodiversity with the products of a territory that is not only wine but also truffle, saffron, honey, oil, wheat, spelt and cheese, as well as rich in artistic and landscape beauty.
An “ethical body” to create added value - a cultural emanation of the Consortium, born in 2016 by the will of the producers but open to all the stakeholders of the territory and the external contributions of other economic activities - at the base of a “Montalcino model”, a territory known throughout the world thanks to wine, but also a fertile ground of intuitions and far-sighted views that, in the past, created the roots of the success of Brunello, which now focuses on synergy and sharing through projects in step with times when the future passes through sustainability, but no longer only environmental, but also economic and social.

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