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Caviro closes the 2019 financial statements at 329 million euro, and production capacity increases

The Faenza group is also growing in large-scale distribution and, above all, abroad: shipments at +17.6% in terms of volume
The Faenza plant of the Gruppo Caviro

The Gruppo Caviro closed 2019 with a turnover of 329 million euros, making the Faenza giant the second absolute player in Italian wine, behind only the Gruppo Italiano Vini (Giv), with a turnover of 633 million euros. With 22 million euros in investments made, it has increased the production capacity of its plants, expanded its product range, expanded its market share in Italy and abroad and won several awards that have helped to implement the reputation of the brands and the group, at the last shareholders’ meeting, which approved the group’s financial statements. On the wine front, the references produced in the two plants in Forlì and Savignano grew by 27%, from 757 in 2018 to 957 in 2019, with a simultaneous increase in packaged volumes from 198.8 million pieces to 213.5 million pieces. Today, production capacity has risen to 120,000 pieces per hour (+14%) and, at current efficiency on 3 shifts for 5 days a week, Caviro is able to produce 298 million pieces per year. All this against a substantial increase in market share, both in Italy and abroad. “In Gdo Italia in 2019, the glass segment recorded a volume growth of 2.3% and the carton segment of 1%, at the same time Caviro had an increase of 26.3% and 3.7% respectively”, explains SimonPietro Felice. “For foreign countries, where Italian wine exports in 2019 by volume increased by 3.4%, Caviro saw an increase in exports of 17.6%”.

Focus – Sustainability
For Caviro, 2019 was the year of the first Sustainability Report, presented by the Group: a natural consequence of a growth path that comes from afar, for a cooperative that has been promoting the concept of sustainability and circular economy for over 50 years. “Our cooperative vocation is also our strength”, stressed Chairman Dalmonte again. “This affects not only our relationship with our own work and the environment, but also our relationship with our members. Speaking of the grape harvest and wine, I would like to underline that what we are going to liquidate in these weeks is the record-breaking grape harvest of 2018. Faced with the large quantities of product to be managed, our cooperative system has done an excellent teamwork, with the various members and in particular the cooperatives of Romagna who have worked with patience and rationality, bringing home a result that I think is appreciable. Needless to say, the next grape harvest, the 2019 one, proved to be diametrically opposed and, also because of climate change, we find ourselves facing increasingly variable situations. For this reason, too, it is a priority to continue to invest in support of the environment and sustainability. Caviro has been moving in this direction since its inception and today, thanks to our first Sustainability Report, we have an important new reporting and transparency tool at our disposal”.

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