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“Do you drink? Don’t drink too much”, the campaign on responsible drinking, created by young people

Federvini and the Municipality of Rome launched the campaign created by the students in Professor Alberto Mattiacci’s course at Sapienza University
“Do you drink? Don’t drink too much” is the advertising campaign created by Federvini

The culture of “drinking in moderation”, typical of the Mediterranean model’s approach to wine and alcoholic beverages, is more important than ever today when all forms of consumption are being questioned. First and foremost, to protect consumers, but also producers. Further, it is crucial for young people to spread this culture among young people, with, of course, the support of organizations in the sector. And, consequently, the new communication campaign promoted by Federvini, in collaboration with the Municipality of Roma Capitale, and created by the students of Sapienza University, “Te la bevi? Non bertela troppo” (Do you drink? Don’t drink too much), has started this week in the city. The initiative was created from the positive experience of the Federvini project, “No Binge. Communicating responsible consumption”, launched in October 2022. in which the students of the Master's degree course in Organization and Marketing for Business Communication at La Sapienza University in Rome were actively involved. The students, led by Professor Alberto Mattiacci, of the Rome University, developed 58 communication projects aimed at bringing to the public’s attention an approach to consumption inspired by the principle of moderation. One of the projects created by the students, Giulia Zeoli, Angela Gregolane and Anna Fornaro was awarded best creativity, and is the actual on-air campaign that started this week in the Municipality of Rome.
The campaign, promoted by Federvini and the Municipality of Roma Capitale, aims to increase awareness among its citizens, especially the younger ones, on the importance of adopting responsible and moderate consumption of alcohol, and to break down the clichés that are most commonly associated with drinking. Therefore, the statements on the three posters distributed in the streets of the Capital, "If I drink a lot I overcome my shyness", "If I drink a lot I have more energy" or "If I drink a lot I sleep better" are accompanied by the response offered by the main theme of the campaign, inviting us to reflect on the risks of excessive alcohol consumption:
“Do you drink? Don't drink too much”. The posters will be spread across the city and it will also be animated on the Federvini and Municipality of Rome social channels, as the Roman students tell the story of their experience. “Federvini is very proud that this campaign is being launched now because it demonstrates the value of collaboration between businesses, universities, students and local administrations for consumer education projects, which are the best way to combat abuse. On behalf of Federvini, I thank Professor Alberto Mattiacci and the students for their support, and the Municipality of Roma Capitale for having grasped the merit of the initiative as well as supporting the official launch of the campaign”, Barbara Herlitzka, president of the Casa Federvini Committee and coordinator of the “No Binge. Communicating responsible consumption”, declared.
“The No Binge project was a fundamental test for the students who took part in it, who accepted the challenge of composing a communication plan on such a delicate topic as alcohol consumption. I applaud them heartily, as well as Federvini, for the experience they conducted together”, Professor Alberto Mattiacci, Professor of Economics and Business Management at the Sapienza University of Rome, head of the course involved in the project, commented. “It gives me great satisfaction to be able to witness the publication of the project on which we have worked so hard. I am convinced that this project can really contribute to making a difference in relaying correct information on the abuse of alcoholic substances, promoting responsible and moderate consumption”, Giulia Zeoli, student of the work group that won the Federvini project “No Binge. Communicating Responsible Consumption”, added.

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