Allegrini 2018

Estonia and Poland, where shipments of tricolor wine grow in double numbers

In Tallinn (7 May) and Warsaw (9 May) the “Eastern Europe” stage of the Simply Italian Tour by Iem
Italian wine looks to Estonia and Poland

Although Estonia and Poland have different historical roots, not even comparable dimensions, different cultures, are two of the healthiest economies of the entire Old Continent, both in terms of growth and future prospects. On the one hand, Poland, with its 38 million inhabitants, is a decidedly attractive market, on the other hand, Estonia, with its exceptional rate of technological innovation and democracy, is among the most solid countries. Even if we talk about wine, at the center of the stage “Eastern Europe” of the Simply Italian Tour 2019 signed IEM - International Event & Exhibition Management of Marina Nedic and Luca Voglino, which will take to Tallinn on May 7 and Warsaw on May 9 dozens of producers from the Belpaese, with a focus on Nobile di Montepulciano, ready to meet buyers and operators from the two Eastern countries and to discover its potential. Well told by the numbers, because Poland, in 2017 (waiting for the processing of data 2018, ed), imported a total of 280 million euros of wine, with a growth of +12.9% over 2016, mostly bottled still (232.8 million euros, for an average price of 2.3 euros per liter) and sparkling wines (33.6 million euros, at 4.6 euros per liter). A boom also driven by Italy, which sent 52.9 million euros of wine to Warsaw in 2017, 20.4% more than in 2016, at a price slightly above average: 2.6 euros per liter. In front is only Germany, with 67.2 million euros of wine shipped, behind, detached to 32.3 million euros, France. Growth rates are higher than those of Estonia, which in 2017 reached 76 million wine imports, up 4.7% on 2016, with sparkling wines at +11.3% and bulk, which represent a small share, at -69.6%. The average price is reassuring, 3.24 euros for still wines bottled and 4.80 for sparkling wines, with Italy well above the average: in 2017 shipments of wine to Tallinn grew by 25.7% in value, to 15.2 million euros, with a collision from France (15.4 million euros), for an average price of 4.22 euros per liter, higher than many other markets, but still far from transalpine wines, which are priced at a price of 5.32 euros per liter.

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