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In January 2021 over 61 million hectoliters of wine in the cellars of Italy (+3,6% compared to 2020)

The first “Cantina Italia” report of the new year: half of the wine in stock is DOP, one liter out of four is in Veneto
61 million hectoliters of wine in the cellars of Italy in January 2021 (+3.6% on 2020)

As fermentations end, stocks of Italian wine in Italy’s wineries grow: as of January 31, 2021, data from Icqrf’s Telematic Registry summarized in the “Cantina Italia” report, the first of the year, speak of 61.4 million hectoliters of wine, 3.6% more than on the same date in 2020, to which must be added 6.9 million hectoliters of must (-4.3% on January 31, 2021), and 710. 256 hectoliters of new wine still in fermentation (-26.9%).
On the whole, 50.4% of wine held is PDO, 27.4% PGI, 20.9% is ordinary wine, 1.3% are varietal wines. In a consolidated picture, almost one liter of wine out of four is stored in the cellars of Veneto, which holds 15.1 million hectoliters, ahead of Emilia Romagna with 7.8, Puglia with 6.5, Tuscany with 5.9, Piedmont with 4.5, and Sicily with 4.3. And again, among PDO and PGI wines, almost one liter out of ten is Prosecco Doc, with 4.4 million hectoliters of wine in the cellar (9.3% of the total), ahead of Igt Puglia with 2.2, Doc Sicilia with 1.8, Igp Terre Siciliane with 1.7 million hectoliters, Igt Toscana with 1.6, as well as Igt Veneto and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Doc.

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