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Italian wines in a Street Art version, in the first and only hotel signed by the current generation of artists

The Muraless Art Hotel debuts on March 23, just steps from Verona and a few days before “Vinitaly 2023”, with a facade created by Mr. Brainwash

There is Room No. 102 dedicated to Cannonau, where the street artist Web3 depicted the Sardinian symbols that praise the quality and origin of the wine, from the profile of Sardinia to the mamuthone mask, as well as a perspective view of a cellar to valorize the aging process. Inside room no. 110, instead, Trickynauta by Mariano imagines Brunello di Montalcino in a real “contemporary Bacchanal” in the vineyard, whose protagonists are extravagant fashion victims wearing Saint Laurent, Celine, Prada, and Bottega Veneta grappling with a punk vintage. Nero d’Avola? In room no. 114, signed by the writer Deboyo, comes out of the bottle and extends all around the ruins of an ancient tonnara symbol of the city of Avola and in the vaults of the room. They range from the Barolo “wine room” to that of Prosecco. The Muralless Art Hotel, the first and only one in the world entirely dedicated to Street Art, opens on March 23 in Castel d’Azzano, close to Verona, and just a few days before “Vinitaly 2023” (April 2–5). WineNews visited it today in advance. The façade, which is signed by Thierry Guetta, alias Mr. Brainwash, one of the most well-known street artists in the world (who will take part in the “signing” of the “hotel-work of art” in Verona on March 23), welcomes wine and art enthusiasts. An accommodation facility but not only. With its more than 90 rooms, common areas, and entirely painted external facade, the Muralless Art Hotel aims to be a real “temple” of Street Art, a “living gallery” dedicated to urban art and its protagonists, over 50 street artists of national and international fame. A unique project, born from the desire of Gianmaria Villa to give new life to the former Hotel Cristallo, thanks to the friendship with the art advisor Luigi Leardini (@le_art_dini), designed to enhance through the codes of “street painting” of writers of worldwide fame the genius of made in Italy in all its facets, from wine to opera, from cinema to engines, from art to architecture, from design to history, from science to food, from fashion to music, in an immersive experience in Italian excellence, between fantasy and reality, one of a kind.
The special pride of the Muralless Art Hotel is the unique and location-specific artwork of Mr. Brainwash, one of the most sought-after and internationally recognized street artists, whose quotations are constantly growing, and who, after the success of the Oscar-nominated documentary “Exit through the gift shop” (2010), created in collaboration with Banksy, raised the question: “Is Mr Brainwash Banksy?”. But the Hotel, thanks to the curator and art critic Chiara Canali in collaboration with the Deodato Arte gallery in Milan, assisted by Andrea Zamengo (Chill Surrealist) and with the project manager Laura Sancassani, boasts historic signatures of Italian writing such as Joys, Etnik, Wubik, Frode, Gatto, Mister Thoms and MrFijodoor, names of Street Art and Muralism such as Neve, Cheone, Vesod, Seacreative, Refreshink, Casciu, Luca Font, Ufo5 and Ale Puro, and the exponents of the new generations such as Chill Surrealism , Luogocomune, Rise and Soler, alongside female protagonists of the caliber of Coquelicot Mafille, Nais, Senso, and Octofly. But also Agron Hoti, an internationally well-known contemporary visual artist who, with his technique, creates color explosions of rare energy, signs the floor of the hall.
“The authors were asked to interpret, using spray paint and brush, the excellence of Made in Italy - explains Canali - and passing from one room to another one can contemplate the classics of the Italian art such as Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Titian, Caravaggio, Tiepolo, Canova, Modigliani, De Chirico, and Depero. One is inebriated by the scenography and atmosphere of “Turandot”, “Traviata”, “Rigoletto”, “Barbiere di Siviglia” and “Madama Butterfly”; you can take a dip dive into the history of the Rome of Pompeian mosaics or the Popes, or you can discover the history of the great navigators and, more, commemorate episodes of Dante’s life; you can learn about the inventions of some famous Italian scientists such as Guglielmo Marconi (radio), Alessandro Volta (battery), Antonio Meucci (telephone) and Margherita Hack. For cinema lovers, it ranges from Monica Vitti to Anna Magnani and Massimo Troisi, to the background on the set of some directors such as Sergio Leone, Federico Fellini, or Pier Paolo Pasolini. And of course also, fashion, engines, design and food and wine, with enfolding rooms dedicated to some typical Italian products such as pizza, ice cream, coffee, tortellini, pandoro from Verona and, of course, wine”. A work of art, a tribute to Italy, of which concept could also be applied abroad, as in a sort of art hotel chain in each country, adapting it to its identity. “At the moment we have no other initiatives planned, but we do not set any limits - explains the Muralless Art Hotel company, made up of a group of people from Verona, united by the love for their city, good taste, and a passion for the art - we are still proud to be a “First Work”, having given life to a unique initiative in the entire known galaxy”.

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