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“Marilisa Allegrini” is born, the group that unites Villa Della Torre, Poggio Al Tesoro and San Polo

Leading it, with daughters Carlotta and Caterina, is Marilisa Allegrini. Who also seems to want to say, paraphrasing Louis XIV, “I am Allegrini”

The entrepreneurial story of Marilisa Allegrini, pioneer of Amarone and Italian wine in the world, first Italian wine woman to conquer the cover of the prestigious American magazine Wine Spectator (2017), also named Cavaliere del Lavoro in 2020, becomes a real brand: “Marilisa Allegrini” is the name of the new family group that counts the three estates that Marilisa Allegrini carefully chose and developed in Veneto and Tuscany (Villa Della Torre in Fumane, Poggio Al Tesoro in Bolgheri, San Polo in Montalcino), and led together with her daughters Carlotta and Caterina, after separating from grandsons Francesco, Giovanni and Matteo Allegrini, heirs of Franco Allegrini, and Silvia Allegrini, heir of Walter Allegrini, who, in recent months, took over the majority of the Verona-based Allegrini and Corte Giara companies, rooted in Valpolicella. A novelty announced today, which goes to underline the link between Marilisa Allegrini and the Allegrini “brand”, to whose affirmation, no doubt, she worked for many years together with her brother Franco. And almost, paraphrasing the famous phrase of the French king Louis XIV, an intention to say that “Allegrini is me”, one would say.
“With pride and emotion I present this reality that will see our whole family committed, day after day, to giving continuity and value to our history of producers and entrepreneurs deeply in love with the territory and Italian culture. This group contains a set of values and resources: family, territories of great vocation, love for art, attention to environmental sustainability, and the privilege of experience in being able to read the evolution of markets. The goal is to continue to safeguard and improve the art of wine production, respecting tradition and embracing innovation, as my dad taught me. Doing it together with my daughters, with their forward-looking gaze and energy, is a dream come true”, explains Marilisa Allegrini, who, of the new group, is president and CEO, who added, “we don’t forget the past, but it’s nice to look to the future with a project of my whole family”. And that she lives a new step in a career of more than 40 years in the world of wine, and from an entrepreneurial vision that has taken the family business from 100,000 euros in sales in the early days, to 30 million euros in 2023 (Allegrini’s latest balance sheet with the different branches of the family and all the estates under one hat, ed.).
Under the new corporate brand, therefore, a note explains, the three historic family brands coexist, three companies strongly desired by Marilisa Allegrini that, over the years, have embodied the essence of the lands in which they are rooted, becoming their authentic and exclusive spokespeople. As Villa della Torre, a 16th-century mansion in the municipality of Fumane and one of the most important monuments of the Italian Renaissance, purchased by Marilisa Allegrini in 2008 and subsequently restored and implemented with luxury hospitality in 2015, is the Group's headquarter. The winery covers 25 hectares (15 in Valpolicella in the municipality of Fumane, 10 in Lugana in the municipality of Pozzolengo); or as Poggio al Tesoro, the Group’s Bolgheri estate, founded in 2001, now one of the largest in terms of size in the appellation, with 100 hectares, 64 of which are planted with vines, divided into four different estates (Via Bolgherese, Chiesina di San Giuseppe, Le Sondraie, Valle di Cerbaia); and, finally, San Polo, an estate in Montalcino, acquired in 2007, in the southeast area of Montalcino on the hill of San Polo in Località Podernovi, which covers a total of 22 hectares, and 16 vineyards, 8 of which are suitable for Brunello production. “Keeping faith with their own origins and identity, the three realities are now going to compose a new ecosystem by proposing an unprecedented round trip between Veneto and Tuscany to discover Valpolicella, Lugana, Bolgheri and Montalcino. A multi-voice dialogue that aims to integrate the world of wine with that of tourism, shining a spotlight on the experience that knowledge of the territory and viticulture can offer. A way to tell the whole world about the uniqueness of Italy’s cultural heritage”, a note explains.
With a turnover of just over 10 million euros, “Marilisa Allegrini”, which exports to 62 countries in the world, including the United States, Japan, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Germany, has 105 hectares under production (64 on Bolgheri, 16 in Montalcino, 15 in Valpolicella and 10 in Lugana) and a current total of 840,000 bottles produced, of which 550,000 at Poggio Al Tesoro, 250,000 at San Polo and 40,000 at Villa Della Torre. A figure, the latter, that will undergo a significant increase, as Marilisa Allegrini herself explains, also confirming important investments, hospitality side: “thanks to the total acquisition of the vineyard surrounding Villa Della Torre and the addition of additional vineyards that will come into production as early as this year, Villa Della Torre will come to produce 200,000 bottles. In general, if we look at the next five years and consider all the projects related also to hospitality in Tuscany, we expect to double our turnover”. Joining Marilisa Allegrini as vice presidents are her two daughters Carlotta and Caterina, respectively brand ambassador and marketing and communications director, and their father Giancarlo Mastella, also a vice president and former director of Villa Della Torre.

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