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Masi celebrates 250 harvests, looking to the future, and opens “Monteleone21”, the “entry gate” of Valpolicella

A preview of the Masi family company’s multifunctional center (between production and hospitality) is now open. The inauguration is in 2023

Great history behind is the first sign of a company’s ability to look to the future, across decades, or in this case centuries. So did Masi, one of the most important Valpolicella and Italian wine companies, one of the very few wine companies listed on the stock exchange, led by the Boscaini family, which, to celebrate the 250th anniversary of its first harvest, in addition to the Masi Award n. 41 (already announced here), has opened the doors to a new chapter in its history, namely “Monteleone21”, presented as “an innovative multifunctional location that will be a reference point for the wine tourism sector, a true “entry gate” in the lands of Amarone”. It is a complex that, explains Masi, “will expand the current cellar with new spaces dedicated to the production, management, and wine tourism, a new “pearl” in the Masi Wine Experience series. The location is still under construction and will open to the public next year, but it has been made available for the great event celebrating the 250th Harvest of Masi (and presented in preview to international guests and institutions that participated in the event).
The ambitious architectural project, built for two-thirds in the hypogeum, “embodies the inseparable relationship between the winery and its territory and has been designed for perfect integration with the Valpolicella landscape, reinterpreted in a contemporary key in its most characteristic elements. The multifunctional structure will appear as a grassy hill, covered with vines and vegetation, and will be distinguished by a coating in local stone reminiscent of the “marogne”, the dry-stone walls typical of the area that support the hillside vineyards.”
“250 years after our first harvest, we are thrilled to present “Monteleone21”, a project that embodies the most important values of the Masi brand and represents its history, present, and future. This ideal bridge between different eras is well represented by the new structure, which will be connected by a long underground passage to our historic headquarters and to the Gargagnago winery” said Sandro Boscaini, president of Masi Agricola. “It will be an ideal entry gate into the lands of Amarone and Valpolicella Classica, with the goal of further enhancing our territory of origin and its excellence”.
“With “Monteleone21” the Masi Wine Experience, our strategic project aimed at achieving ever more direct contact with the final consumer - added Federico Girotto, CEO Masi Agricola - is completed with a precious piece. A true “open cellar” designed to welcome visitors in an immersive experiential journey, beginning with a monumental 12-meter-high loft intended for drying the grapes for Amarone, a technique in which Masi has recognized expertise at the international level”. “Monteleone21” was co-designed by Studio Cecchini, architects Libero, and Vittorio Cecchini, and by the architect Giovanna Mar, who has created it together with the architect Alessandro Beghini. The Mar studio has 60 years of experience in the field of urbanization plans, tourist accommodation facilities and infrastructures, and museums, and sees sustainability as one of its primary research areas. “Monteleone21” was designed with sustainability in mind from start to finish, from integration into the landscape to the use of renewable resources like photovoltaics and geothermal energy, to the reduction of energy consumption, for example through cross-ventilation.
The celebrations for the 250th anniversary of Masi also included a great tasting of the Amarone of Masi, in a journey that spanned from 1958 to 2015 (which we will tell in more detail in the coming days on WineNews, with an article, ed). “A long-awaited event of great significance”, commented Masi president Sandro Boscaini, “especially for me, who had the honor of participating in the one for the 200th anniversary in 1972, when we inaugurated the new aging cellar. “Today, we are delighted to be able to gather Italian and foreign institutions, importers, collaborators, and entrepreneurs in the new location “Monteleone21” to celebrate this milestone and tell the Masi of the future.” For the occasion, we thought of a completely unique edition of the Masi Prize, as a sign of devotion to our land and the historical culture of the Venetian regions”.

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