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One last toast to Franciacorta: the collaboration between Bellavista and Mattia Vezzola ends

The wine producer Vittorio Moretti: “forty wonderful years, reinforced by a deep reciprocal relationship of esteem and friendship that binds us”
Vittorio Moretti and Mattia Vezzola, 40 years together in Bellavista and Franciacorta

Large companies and large wine territories often have personalities considered to be “pioneer fathers”. sometimes, however, we can also speak of “pioneer collaborations”, that indelibly mark not only a company project, but also an entire denomination. For instance, the one that saw one of the entrepreneurs who most contributed to the development of Franciacorta, Vittorio Moretti, who for four decades walked side by side in the vineyard and in the winery, of wineries such as Bellavista. And, Mattia Vezzola, the oenologist who signed the wines for forty years, and is universally considered a point of reference in one of the most prestigious areas of Italian sparkling wines, and a teacher for many. It was an exceptional collaboration. But all good things, sooner or later, must pass, and therefore, in harmony and understanding, the collaboration between Bellavista and Mattia Vezzola will come to an end at the end of the year. Vezzola, at the age of 70, is a wine producer with Costaripa, in Valtenesi.
The journey that has continued for “forty wonderful years, in which we have not only made extraordinary wines and created a brand recognized the world over, but we have built a great company, alongside exceptional people, sustained by a profound reciprocal relationship of esteem and friendship that binds us”, are the words with which Vittorio Moretti saluted Mattia Vezzola. “I met Mattia in 1979”, recalled Vittorio Moretti, “and in 1981, we mad the first grape harvest together. He is an extraordinary professional, one of the first to understand the potential of Franciacorta and to realize that the strength of our bubbles lay in the soils, in the microclimates, in the vineyards of this land. Mattia was by my side in each and every choice, even when we didn't agree. Bellavista owes him a lot, but so does all of Franciacorta”. “My time in Bellavista ends here”, said Mattia Vezzola, “I wish everyone who has accompanied me in this adventure to continue along the path outlined, and to persevere in supporting the philosophy that allowed Bellavista to become what it is”. In the past 40 years, Vittorio and Mattia - explained a note - have walked the path of excellence with determination. They have chosen to make Bellavista grow in the belief that viticulture is the basis of a great wine company. They built ideas, involving women and men of extraordinary value. They designed the landscape and created, together with the other Franciacorta companies, a legendary territory. “Today, Bellavista”, explained the winery, one of the most prestigious in Franciacorta, “boasts an important wine heritage and a identifiable oenological style, a philosophy that pursues the path of craftsmanship and attention to every detail every day. It takes years to accomplish, time and generations. This is why we need leaders who believe in dreams and work on pioneering projects, constantly aware that completing a task means to be eternal”.

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