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Prosecco Doc and Treviso with Ryanair to bring the world to the “Land of Prosecco”

Kicking off the second part of the campaign that began in 2021, and falls in 2023, 25 years after Ryanair’s first flight to Italy, right in Treviso
Prosecco Doc and Treviso with Ryanair to bring the world to the “Land of Prosecco”

If it is as true as it is that international tourism is back on the move as much, if not more, than in the pre-Covid era, and that Prosecco Doc is the best-known and most exported Italian wine in the world, it is almost natural to think that Treviso, which is its “capital” de facto, and the surrounding area, could become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. And this is the purpose of the partnership, which is being renewed, between the Municipality of Treviso, Consorzio del Prosecco Doc and Ryanair, airline no. 1 in Europe, which, after the campaign that started in August 2021, have joined forces in view of the second part of 2023, with two stated objectives: to increase Treviso’s “awareness” and position it among the favorite destinations for autumn-winter, and to promote the uniqueness of Treviso and its province with targeted actions, through social and email campaigns, and tools such as permanent content integrated into Ryanair’s website, visited every day by millions of “destination-seeking travelers”. As well as initiatives and events to celebrate 25 years since Ryanair’s first flight to Italy, landing right at Treviso’s “Canova” Airport.
“For the summer of 2023, Ryanair will have more than 310 weekly flights over Treviso, to 44 destinations, of 10 new ones, playing a key role in promoting the territory in which an excellence such as Prosecco is inserted, which, thanks to the Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco Doc, is reaching the top of international markets and will be the protagonist of Ryanair’s next initiatives. Precisely with a view to promoting tourism and excellence, the territory’s tourism promotion campaign will be renewed by May, with a new claim, Treviso “Land of Prosecco”, thus focusing on experiential tourism that also wants to promote the experience in the wineries and estates of the Marca”, a note explains.
“As the No. 1 airline in Europe and in Italy”, said Mauro Bolla, Ryanair Country Manager, “we are proud to announce the second phase of the collaboration with the Municipality of Treviso and the Prosecco Doc Consortium, focused on increasing the “awareness” of the Prosecco Lands. The first joint campaign brought excellent results with an average increase in bookings of 14% (phase 1) and 16% (phase 2) in particular for the UK, France, Belgium, Denmark and Israel, supporting the positioning of Treviso as a domestic and international destination all year round thanks to its multifaceted/multifaceted cultural and food and wine tourism offer”.
“We wanted to confirm our intervention on Ryanair alongside the Municipality of Treviso”, said the vice president of the Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco Doc, GianGiacomo Gallarati Scotti Bonaldi, “for several reasons: because what has been done in the past is considered by experts to be a “best practice”, in terms of wine tourism promotion, at the national level; because the effectiveness of the action we believe is under the eyes of all those who have, or have had the opportunity to experience the city of Treviso in recent months; and finally, because the centrality of the Consorzi di tutela is increasingly emerging in the panorama of wine tourism and gastronomic tourism, a centrality that we hope to make even more evident, as soon as possible, with an event that we hope will succeed in making Treviso the international hub for the discovery of Prosecco production territories”. “We are excited about this collaboration that brings benefits not only to Treviso but to the entire territory”, added the mayor of Treviso, Mario Conte. “Ryanair and Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco Doc are two very important teammates in the promotion of our architectural, artistic and landscape wonders as well as production excellence. We welcome, therefore, a new campaign that, will reinforce the presence of Treviso in international markets, with the possibility of potentially reaching 15 million users”.

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